Every SpiderMan Cameo In Across The SpiderVerse, Explained

Every SpiderMan Cameo In Across The SpiderVerse, Explained
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You've stepped out of Spider-Man: You're properly educated and educated besides Spider-Man , but you can't see Spider-Man dancing in front of your eyes. Miles Morales' latest animated film has no shortage of stellar twists, cameos, and second looks from alternate reality and older versions of Spider-Man, from comic book creation to detailed references.

But who are all these spider people and where did they come from? Polygon has given you this handy pocket guide for every Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Beyond Spider-Man , and where they come from we can at least identify them all.

If you tag Spider-Man that isn't here, leave a comment! Because with great knowledge of Spider-Man comes great responsibility to share that knowledge of Spider-Man.

[ Editor's Note: This post contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse .]

Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099

First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 (vol. 1) #1

What is your deal? Miguel O'Hara lives in the distant future of Marvel 2099 filled with corporations making rampant and dangerous inventions based on genetic engineering and virtual reality . A researcher working for the famously powerful corporation Alchemex ends up falling prey to his own experimental spider research, granting him terrifying spider powers and ultimately a sign of heroism. . Unlike the classic Spider-Man, Miguel is something of a superhero alter ego and a real prankster.

Evaluation of power and responsibility: 4 Uncle Ben out of 10.

Jess Drew / Spider Woman

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #32 (sort of)

What is your deal? : Spider-Verse aside, Jess Drew is an original creation, but her name (and general appearance) is related to her comic book predecessor, Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman. In a year hastily created to stop an animation studio from taking over the Spider-Woman brand in 1976, the comic Jessica has nothing to do with Peter Parker or Miles Morales, as she uses her powers instead due to her confusing and mysterious origins. with HYDRA. , her father is a geneticist and possibly a talking cow. So Spider-Verse 's Jess is the best idea for the concept, although there is a popular book in the Jess comics where she did super-powered things while pregnant, she owes a lot to her older counterpart.

Power-responsibility point: Uncle Ben is not here. Bova, the silent cow.

punk spider

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 3) #10

What is your problem? : From time to time, a terrible idea turns into an amazingly brilliant one. The Earth-138 version of Hobie Brown (known to us as Earth-616's longtime partner, Spider-Man, yes, partner! Tramp) was in this case. Hobbies turned punk rock and dirty spider punk with Spider Bite. Surprisingly, this Spider-Man was something of a misunderstanding between the creators, artist Olivier Coipel conceived him as a sort of British punk sex weapon, but writer Dan Slott decided against it. New Yorker. However, this amateur won the hearts of fans by taking on the people, siding with their corporate oppressors, leading the oppressed against the establishment, and smashing a guitar on the head of the US President.

Evaluation of power and responsibility: 10 Uncle Ben out of 10. The greatest responsibility is change.

pavitr prabhakar

First Appearance : Spider-Man India #1

What is your deal? In the year _ Thus, a small town Indian boy named Pavitr Prabhakar receives the power of a spider from an ancient yogi and is born in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. After allowing his selfishness to end his uncle Bhima's life, he gave himself over to the cause of justice, eventually meeting the original Marvel Comics Spider-Man in the 2015 Spider-Verse crossover.

Strength-responsibility rating: 9 Oom Bhim out of 10.

pompous merchant

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #258

What is your problem? : Are you laughing? Are you kidding that Spider-Man wears an alternate Fantastic Four uniform and a paper bag on his head? Believe it or not, this version of Spider-Man has an entirely authentic Marvel Comics pedigree. In 1984, at the end of the famous alien suit saga, Peter Parker was shocked to discover that the black suit he was wearing was a symbiotic alien from another planet. This left him briefly without clothes to walk around town, but his longtime enemy, Johnny "Human Torch" Hurricane, came over and gave Parker a paper bag lunch to wear one of his own clothes in return. He has a "Hit Me" sign on his face and, just in case, surreptitiously taped to his back. Though he's only supposedly done one comic, this version of Spider-Man got his own action figure last year, which can't be said for most of us. .

Strength-Responsibility Rating: 7 out of 10 Uncle Ben would be taller if he wore shoes.

Spider-Man and Spider-Man from Insomniac

First Look: Marvel Spider-Man (2018 video game)

What is your business? Released in 2018, the PlayStation video game series is simply Spider-Man dressed in comic skins . Major versions of Peter Parker and Miles Morales make their feature film debut here, which is no doubt a Sony match. Film production.

Power-Responsibility Rating: 1-10 Uncle Ben out of 10, depending on the player.

Amazing spider monkey

First Appearance: Spider-Man Family #1

What is your deal? : Earth-8101 is an Earth inhabited by anthropomorphic apes, not to be confused with the Earth from Marvel's 1970 licensed film adaptation of The Planet of the Apes . Like most superhumans, Spider Monkey had a very different (and unconvincing) personality, often fighting his animal enemies to the death. However, after coming to the aid of the Multiverse Crisis, he died heroically in the Spider-Verse crossover.

Authority-Responsibility Rating: 5 Uncle Bens out of 10. A nasty monkey, but a real spider came out.

spider lady

First Appearance: Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #1

What is your problem? Mabel Reilly was a resident of the 19th century steampunk universe where she was bitten by her father's experimental spider and gained special powers . After her father's death and learning the value of freedom and independence, Mei builds a mechanical arm (mimicking our own Spider-Man's iron spider suit) and joins forces with the other Spider-Men to unleash a multifaceted war.

Rating of power and responsibility: Uncle Ben 6 out of 10.

Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #149

What is your problem? : Oh, son, okay, let's go. In 1975, writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andrew presented an extended story later known as the original clone saga. Peter Parker is ambushed by an evil fox and is eventually forced to face his doppelgänger in a battle to save the lone survivor. The living Parker then throws the clone's body into the fireplace, but more importantly, he refuses to prove for certain that he himself was not a clone to begin with.

Two decades later, Marvel revealed that the hapless doppelgänger is still alive, has blond hair, has taken on the name Ben Reilly, and fights crime as the Scarlet Spider. This series of revelations started the very unfortunate second clone saga, where it was revealed that Ben was actually the real Peter Parker, and then that he didn't exist, that he didn't exist, and that he was eventually killed again. . . But you can't stay with a good Spider-Man or a bad guy, so Ben will inevitably wake up during the 2014 Clone Conspiracy storyline - a staple of the Spider-Man universe you've come to love, or at least put up with since then.

Strength-responsibility score: Uncle Ben's 6 out of 10. Longevity scores, but Peter Parker is already worried if you ask me.

spider girl

First appearance: What if...? (Vol. 2) #105

What is a market? Mayday "May" Parker was the Spider-Woman she was never meant to be. Created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Franz, what was the original idea...? A 1998 still depicting the teenage adventures of Peter Parker's son and Mary Jane Watson. However, the story was such an unexpected success that DeFalco and Franz were hired at Marvel's request to turn Mei into a sequel.

What followed was a seemingly endless series of cancellations and fan campaigns to keep Spider-Woman alive, culminating eventually (against all odds) in May Parker's books, which ran until 2009. a shadow of his original creative team) and has always retained the love of his loyal fans.

Power-responsibility rating: Uncle Ben 8 out of 10.

spider cat

First Appearance : Spider Island: I Love New York City #1

What is your problem? He is Spiderman and a cat. The normal player's talisman of Earth-999, Spider-Cat, gains his powers by encountering one of the mysterious spider totems, which makes sense in the untold story, as does any story involving the mysterious spider totems. Totem poles dressed as their Earth-616 counterpart to fight crime against small mammals and birds .

Strength-responsibility rating: 10 Uncle Ben out of 10. Brave cat Brave, brave kitten.

Pter Ptarker / Spider-Rex

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #1

What is a market? Peter Parker, a Tyrannosaurus Rex inhabitant of the prehistoric world of Earth-66, accidentally encountered a spider-infested meteorite that gave him incredible spider powers . During a battle with his nemesis Norranoserman, Ptarkar accidentally lets a tree branch take the villain's life, teaching him a valuable lesson in responsibility. Newly introduced to comic book canon, Ptarker survived a trip to reality and a near-death encounter with our very own Norman Osborn, and now continues to fight crime alongside the smartest Spider-Men. .

Power-responsibility rating: Uncle Ben 8 out of 10.

Peter stopped the car.

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #12

What is your problem? Who but writer Dan Slott, creator of Peter Parkour's moniker for the amazing webcatcher, could be responsible for Spider-Man's talking anthropomorphic car Peter Parkour? Appearing in the first Spider-Verse crossover in 2015, Spider-Man's most powerful vehicle belongs to Spider-Mobile, a toy company owned by Peter Parker for a short period in the 1970s. He later revealed via Twitter that he wanted ParkedCar to have Pixar-style talking cars, hence the art of talking. The possible existence of the Mary Jane Datsun is currently unknown.

Authority and Responsibility Rating: Uncle Ben 8 out of 10. Passengers in Peter's Parking Lot must always wear seat belts.

Web Shooter (Cowboy Spiderman)

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 3) #9

What is your problem? : After the two-armed Kid turned awesome again in the pages of his She-Hulk novel, it's no wonder Dan Slott is bringing back this cowboy Spider-Man from the Earth-31913 universe of the Wild West. While not much is known about the web-thrower's mysterious origins, it is known that it has a close friendship with Spider Horse (whose real name is unknown). Just think of Spider Horse as one of the original Peter Parkers (so to speak). Web Slinger's longest-serving appearance was in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, where he teamed up with Spider-Man to free Frontier City from Holliday's Eye Doc.

Authority and Responsibility Rating: Uncle Ben 6 out of 10. This horse looks suspicious.

the amazing Spider Man

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (2008 animated series)

What is your deal? : Spider-Man has had many similar animated looks, from the 1960s version with the singing earworm to the wonderfully memorable 1990s Fox Kids series. the character returns to his roots as he learns the ropes of a superhero in high school through the complexities of teenage life. Although the series was initially controversial for its more stylized and less realistic character designs, the series quickly gained a following due to Steve Ditko's ability to bring the Spider-Man era to modern audiences. So, for all intents and purposes, we know the Peter of this reality: nerdy, funny, and still learning the difference between responsibility and power.

Power and Responsibility Rating: Uncle Ben 5 out of 10. We'll talk about it when he turns 18.

unlimited spider

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 animated series)

What is your deal? : De. In the late 90s, after the long and successful launch of Fox Kids, the network and producers of Saban animated the Spider-Man show as a faithful (and low-budget) adaptation of the classic Spider-Man comics. Unfortunately, Marvel sold the rights to Spider-Man to Sony in a deal that eventually led to the Sam Raimi film series, meaning that everything Saban believes in will be completely counter to any version of the Spider-Man myth. . It must be disabled.

Thus was born the show, revolving around the arrival of Spider-Man in a technological future Counter-Earth, where he fights a re-imagined (and late 90s) Werewolf, the Green Goblin, and other unknown names in recognizable forms. After a season of mixed reviews, the series faded from the public consciousness, but this year it has been revived with big screen stars.

Spider Maguire and Spider Garfield

First appearance: "Spider-Man" (2002) and "The Amazing Spider-Man " (2012)

What is your deal? Spider-Man spent a decade in Hollywood's movie rights purgatory before director Sam Raimi finally brought the character to the big screen in 2002's Little Wonder, played by Tobey Maguire. Although Maguire himself was considered a surprise choice at the time, he managed to captivate audiences with his captivating and introspective portrayal of a young Peter Parker; unfortunately, it did not receive the same universal praise despite the lack of dance moves in Spider-Man 3 . Maguire's successor, Andrew Garfield, when Spider-Man debuted in 2012 as the latest comic book-inspired Parker. However, the two actors returned in 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home , where they were warmly received by fans, with memes suggesting they pressed charges against each other, as intended.

Evaluation of power and responsibility: Uncle Ben 9 out of 10 (Maguire). 2 of 10 Uncle Bens (Garfield).

spider bites

First Appearance: Spider-Volt #1

What is your problem? Margo Case is from Earth-22191 where Mark Zuckerberg's dreams come true and people spend their days in metaverse-like virtual reality simulations . To do this, Margot puts on a spider suit and decides to fight electronic crime in the digital world.

Rating of power and responsibility : 2 out of 10 from Uncle Ben. Points for the effort, but you can't help but feel like this is Spider-Man trying to sternly warn you about downloading Napster. His incarnation in the movie looks great.

spiderman 1967

First appearance : Spider-Man (1967)

What is your deal? : When Spider-Man first appeared in animated form on television in 1967, it was a defining moment for the character. The second animated series adapted from Marvel comics and the first live-action animation, the series' haunting theme music and at times faithful interpretation of Ditko-era concepts made it instantly recognizable to a generation of viewers and contributed to Spider-Man. - The rise of humanity as the protagonist of Marvel.

The Spider-Man of this cartoon universe is like our very own Peter Parker, the tyrant of the tyrannical J. J. John Jameson, who works at the Daily Bugle and fights against a colorful gang of thieves, but wears a suit without the characteristic lines of spiderwebs. better. Save the animation) and speaks in a baritone voice that is at least two octaves lower for a teenager. He has been known to stand in a circle and point his finger at the other Spider-Men.

Rating of power and responsibility: Uncle Ben 6 out of 10.

solar spider

First Appearance: Spider-Man (vol. 3) #3

What is your problem? One recent ancient Spider Totem character is Charlotte Weber, another of the Spider Totems called to aid in the Spider Verse event series. However, she is seen as a rare example of a disabled heroine living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which requires her to use a wheelchair or crutches despite her disguised identity.

Power and Responsibility Rating: Uncle Ben 9 out of 10. She's new, but she has everything she needs.

Spiderman (in white and red suit)

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

What is your problem? : The generation of fans that emerged when Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson married in the comics in 2015 became relentlessly and unwaveringly salty for the two characters a decade ago. The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows served as a gesture of goodwill, representing an alternate reality in which Peter and MJ formed a crime-fighting family in which Mary Jane was adopted, accompanied by a superpowered son to whom he was still married. Ответственность. Замаскированная личность Spinneret. Со своими рыжими волосами и фирменным белым комбинезоном она появляется по другую сторону Человека-паука.

Оценка власти и ответственности: 9 из 10 от тети Анны Уотсон.

Человек-паук объяснил в MCU Spiderverse Connections!

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