Froghat Fills An Amphibianshaped Hole In The Surfrock Firmament

Froghat Fills An Amphibianshaped Hole In The Surfrock Firmament

Chicago artist Nicholas Clark first came to Gossip Wolf's attention in 2016 when his studio Minnowland Claymation released a whimsical video for the song "Sad Screaming Old Man" by Jeffrey Lewis, an indie folk musician and comic book writer from New York. give birth to a loud elderly neighbor. Apparently, Clark also makes his own weird records, and this monster is particularly fond of his solo project Froghat, which he says plays "frog rock and surf." It's easy to love Clarke's perfect reuse of the Fogat logo and his amphibious motorcycle helmet, but if his songs were trash, their appeal would quickly fade. Fortunately, his jam sessions with Dick Dale with titles like "Squid Pro Quo" and "The Long and Winding Toad" are as catchy as his cheeky performances. He even does an impressive cover of Dire Straits' Swing Sultans of the Surf. In June, Clark released his new album, Meet Froghat. and new single Froghat Plays the Hits , both of which should fill the gaps in the playlists of surf rock fans the world over.

Froggett recorded most, if not all, of this material on Electric Minnowland.

Earlier this month, Chicago-based industrial techno songwriter Dalibor Cruz released a limited edition Veiled Asperity CD-R on mysterious Greek label Live Adult Entertainment. If you like ambient dance music that sounds equally creepy, this is for you. International music retailer Boomkat has sold out of Veiled Asperity , but the monster is hoping to have a few copies of Signal Records when Dalibor Cruise plays the store for free on Saturday 1 July. The hunting scene unfolds and the performance begins at 2:00 p.m.

Since forming in 2021, Chicago hip-hop collective MP3dotcom has only released last year's "Igotsomeshit." But it's so impressive that he can't wait to see this monster band live. On Friday, June 30, they will host "The Catacombs" at the Epiphany Center for the Arts. Coyfish and Linda Saul open, tickets $15 ($12 in advance).

MP3dotcom has released only one song so far: "Igotsomeshit", released in 2022.

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