Minecraft 1.20 Trails And Tales Patch Notes

Minecraft 1.20 Trails And Tales Patch Notes

The long-awaited 1.20 update for Minecraft has arrived... Updated Paths and Tales . Between the new Cherry Blossom Biome , new Sniffer mobs , and the rise of the Archeology mechanic in Minecraft, this latest update promises to expand your crafting and customization options.

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Biology Minecraft Cherry Grove

With 1.20 Trails and Tales comes a brand new biome, the Cherry Orchard biome . With unique and beautiful trees and a completely new combination of rosewood and leaf color, you will have fun exploring this beautiful new region.

As you explore the Cherry Grove biome, you will be able to discover many new types of blocks;

  • Cherry tree collection
  • Cherry tree
  • Pink floral carpet block


Cherry tree

  • Added new Cherry Grove biome with beautiful cherry blossom trees
    • The biome can be found in grassland-like areas in the mountains
  • Added a new Cherry Tree set with all the different tree items you can craft
  • Pink particles fall under cherry leaves
  • Added a new Pink Petals block with lots of pink flowers on the ground
    • Each cluster of rose petals can have up to 4 petals
    • Using bone meal on them increases the number of petals
    • Placing a rose petal on an already placed block increases the number of petals
    • During mining, the number of petals in the block decreased

Minecraft Sniffers and Beauties

Camels are a new set of animals added in this update. Not only can you command these cute creatures, but with their Dash ability , you can traverse the vast deserts of Minecraft in no time.

Players can only ride one camel, and most enemy mobs cannot reach you while riding. You can even raise your own camels by feeding mature camel cacti.

Sentence correction notes

  • Players can transport and ride camels
  • Camels spawn naturally when Desert Villages spawn
  • Beauty can be attracted by holding a cactus
  • Feeding camels with aloe vera for growth
  • long camels
    • Most enemy mobs won't be able to reach you while riding a camel
    • They can walk over fences and walls
  • Camels sit casually
    • When they are sitting, it is difficult to move them
  • Camels can walk slowly or run fast
  • They can also move forward, but they will lose their stamina for a while


Don't forget to smell . This ancient animal is gone, but now it can smell buried seeds and uncover unique ornamental plants that you can use.

When investigating suspicious sand piles, beware of stinky eggs . These eggs can sometimes be found in a sandy sand block using the new brush tool . Melt sniff eggs in your snifflet and create a small army of sniffers.

Sniffer Release Notes

  • Sniffer is the winner of the 2022 Minecraft Live group vote
  • Sniffers are a passive, friendly crowd
  • Sniffers breathe air and sometimes dig up seeds that create a flower or pitcher flame.
  • Sniffers can only dig grass and similar piles on the ground
  • Sniffers can be attracted and bred using Torch Flower Seeds

Smell the egg

  • They can be found by cleaning shaded sand from warm ocean debris
  • When two sniffers appear, they do not immediately produce a sniffer; Instead, a smelly egg falls
  • The Sniffer egg will appear after a certain period of time after it is placed in the world
    • When placed on the moss, the egg will hatch after about 10 minutes
    • In all other blocks you will get out in about 20 minutes

Minecraft Archeology Feature


If you have a taste for adventure and discovery, the new Archeology feature lets you discover ancient ruins and other objects hidden in the sand.

With the new Brush tool introduced in Trails and Tales update 1.20, you can find precious pottery shards in shadowy sand blocks. Stack four pieces of pottery on the crafting table to create a vase decorated with an old picture painted on it.

Finding broken vases and reassembling them in ancient ruins can only reveal the hidden history of a place buried in sand and time.

Can you discover new details about Minecraft history in these old and previously unknown locations?

Archaeological correction notes

  • Added removable brush element
  • Added Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel
    • Suspicious Sands can be found in Desert Temples, Desert Wells, and Hot Ocean Ruins
    • Suspicious pebbles could be found in the Cold Ocean Ruins and Road Ruins
    • These fragile blocks are hard to find and easy to destroy, so be careful.
    • Brushing through suspicious sand or gravel can reveal long-buried items.
  • Added Path Ruins, a buried structure of a lost culture
    • Here you will find four types of shield models
    • Road Ruins can be found in the Taiga, Snowy Taiga, and all Forest and Ancient Forest areas.
    • A new music CD can be found by touching suspicious blocks on this device
      • Aaron Sheroff's "Baby" plays when placed on the jukebox
  • Added pottery shards
    • Pottery has pictures on it
    • A total of 20 fragments are spread across 5 ancient locations: Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Corridor Ruins.
    • It cannot be farmed and can only be found by touching Suspicious Sand or Suspicious Gravel.

decorative dishes


  • By putting four pieces of terracotta together, you will create a vase decorated with a picture on each side
  • Brickware can be used in place of earthenware in a decorated recipe
    • Sides made of brick objects will not have images
  • Destroy the decorative pot with any block breaker tool to break it and collect pottery shards
    • Hitting the pot with bare hands, silk-weave tools, or any other objects would be better than tipping over the whole pot.
  • At least one of the decorative bowls has a floating toolhead that references Sherd & Brick components

Improved Minecraft Armor

What's the point of being adventurous if you can't do it in style? With the introduction of Forged Blueprints and Armor Upgrades, you can now add a gameplay twist to your basic armor.

Search the world for these unique forging patterns and bring them to the forging table to unlock unique customizations for almost every type of armor. Decorate your armor with diamonds, gold, copper and other accents.

Armor upgrades

  • You can now visually customize your armor with a variety of unique crafting table finishes
  • Shields are purely visual, with no gameplay advantage
  • Armor upgrades can be applied to Helmets, Breastplates, Scythes and Boots.
    • All armor styles are visually the same in the shield icon, but the color will always change depending on the cut material.
    • To check the model of a piece of armor, you can hover over it in the inventory
  • Forging patterns to upgrade armor can be found all over the world, and each of the following units has unique forging patterns:
    • Corridor Ruins: Wayfinder, Raiser, Shaper and Host Armor Completed
    • Loot the outpost. hot cover
    • Desert pyramid. the rising edge of the dune
    • Sinking: Coastal Armour
    • Jungle temple. Wild shield ends
    • Ocean monument. Tidal Shield Liner
    • old town. Security Shield and Silence Changes
    • Forest house. Vex Armor Upgrades
    • Inner castle. Armor upgrade
    • Bastogne seaside resort. armored mouth;
    • strong. eye protection:
    • end of town. Armored sports bag
  • Crafting schemes can be found in chests with the appropriate structure
    • There are no chests in the ruins of the trail, iron models were found instead of suspicious stones.
    • The Ocean Monument has no caskets, and elderly custodians sometimes leave a fake specimen after death.
  • Some armor designs are rarer than others, so find them to impress your friends.
  • Armor has two characteristics: shape and material
    • The pattern is defined by the tattoo pattern used to apply the paint and represents the visual pattern of the paint.
    • The material is defined by the component used to apply the paint and control the color of the paint
  • Valid components you can use to determine your armor color are:
    • Iron, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, emerald, diamond, nitrite, redstone, amethyst, quartz

Writing release notes


  • Forge tables have become workstations for upgrading and modifying physical equipment
  • In addition to slots for equipment and crafting materials, there is now a required slot for an item type called a blacksmith's form.
  • Crafting Templates determine the type of upgrades a piece of gear can receive
    • Select the type of products you can upgrade and the components that are eligible for the upgrade allowance
    • There are currently two categories of Forging Molds: Armor Enhancement and Nether Enhancement.
  • Crafting templates are consumed when used to upgrade items on the crafting table
  • You can create a copy of a tattoo pattern on the crafting table from 7 diamonds + 1 block of material + 1 tattoo pattern will create 2 copies of the same tattoo.

New Minecraft stuff!

As if all those new biomes, mobs, and mechanics weren't exciting enough, the Trails and Tales update 1.20 adds a ton of new crafting elements to Minecraft, including:

Minecraft 1.20 New hanging banners!

Pending Badges are new blocks that allow you to use badges in new and exciting ways. Using wood and string to make them, they can be hung on the side of blocks, under narrow objects (such as fence posts) or simply under the blocks, each with its own unique visual style.

Hanging banners


  • Hanging banners are a more cost-effective alternative to regular banners
    • Your choice is made from 2 strands of wood and 6 logs
    • Industry produces 6 Pending Tokens
  • It can be stopped in the following ways:
    • It can provide support in the middle like a full block or fence under a block
    • It is attached to the solid side of the block
    • It is attached to the side or to the bottom of another hanging tag
  • Unlike traditional banners, they cannot be placed directly on the ground without side or top support
    • However, hang tags with a horizontal bar will not open when the support block is removed


  • Character text can now be edited after being placed in the world
    • This can be done by contacting the beacon
    • Expressions containing non-text chat components cannot be edited
  • Both sides of the label can now have separate text and colors allowing for more customization options.
    • By default, it will ask for the preceding text when the token is placed
    • To apply the text to the back, you need to go to the other side and touch this face to change it
  • Markers can now also be removed from the wax, which prevents their text from being edited later
  • Opening the character edit screen in single player no longer pauses the game

Minecraft Bamboo Stick 1.20

Bamboo Wood is a new block that contains all the blocks/crafts like all other wooden blocks currently in the game, including a block unique to this block called the Bamboo Mosaic block. A bamboo raft is also available as an option for the boats in the game.

bamboo set

  • Added a new bamboo kit with all the matching wooden items you can craft
  • A bamboo block can be made from 9 bamboos and can be peeled like any other piece of wood.
  • Bamboo planks made from a bamboo block only yield 2 planks instead of 4 planks.
  • Added a new version of the unique Bamboo Mosaic board called Bamboo Mosaic
    • Can be made from 1" x 2" bamboo sheets with a vertical layer
    • You can make bamboo mosaic stairs and panels in different shapes
    • Bamboo Mosaic Blocks cannot be used as a piece of art where other wooden blocks are used, but can be used as fuel.
  • Added a unique bamboo raft and a bamboo raft that can be built like regular boats but with bamboo planks
    • They work like regular boats but have a unique look


Minecraft Shredded Shelf 1.20.2 Update

Shelves are also part of the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update, which allows you to store 1-6 books, including magic books and even books and pens.

Level library

  • New hacked version of the library
  • It consists of 6 boards and 3 wooden boards
  • It can accommodate books, books, hooks, writing books, magic books, and knowledge books.
    • Holds up to 6 lbs.
    • It can be added or removed from anywhere by targeting a specific location
  • The strength of the compare signal corresponds to the number of the last book inserted or removed
    • Book opening numbering starts with 1 at the top left and increases from left to right
  • Works with hops

Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales New Default Skins

The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update introduces 7 new default skins that allow users to choose an avatar that better represents who they are. Customize your Minecraft journey more than ever.



  • One sniff can sometimes smell the seeds of Torch flowers, and two sniffs can be used.
  • Torch seeds can be planted on farmland and turned into torches
  • A mature flower can be harvested and replanted
  • Torchflower can be made with orange paint

Carnivorous plant

  • Sniffer can sometimes inhale Pitcher Pod
  • When pitcher plants are planted in fields, they become a pitcher plant
  • Pitcher plants have five growth stages
  • Once fully grown, the pitcher plant can be harvested and produce a large, two-tufted pitcher plant.
  • The pitcher plant can be dyed blue

Chezrite dress

  • Netherite Gear crafting also requires a Netherite Upgrade Forge instance
  • Netherite upgrade forge samples can be randomly found in all Bastion Remnants chests
    • Each treasure room of the castle ruins will have two Forging Schemes
  • This change was made for several reasons.
    • Increases how long players use Diamond gear before Neterite
    • Getting Netherite gear makes more sense as you progress through the game
    • Netherite fits more naturally into the new Smithing tabletop crafting system

Calibration of Sculk Probes

  • A new version of Sculk sensors allows you to filter vibrations according to their frequency level
  • It is not found naturally and can only be crafted using a Sculk Sensor and 3 Amethyst Pieces at the crafting table.
  • One side of a calibrated Sculk indicator can receive an input redstone signal
    • The signal strength of this red stone is the only vibrational frequency that the Sculk sensor can hear.
  • They have a combined activity and a cooldown that lasts 20 game points
    • They play redstone sirens for 10 points in the game
  • They can detect vibrations up to 16 blocks away


vibrational resonance

  • Amethyst Blocks have a new behavior when placed next to Sculk Sensors
    • If the Sculk Sensor receives a vibration, the Amethyst Cluster will re-broadcast its frequency as a different vibration on the spot.
  • This behavior is called vibrational resonance, and it allows players to change their vibrational frequency over long distances without restoring the natural vibration.

Play crowd noises

  • When placing a monster's head in a notebook, that notebook will now play one of the ambient sounds for that monster when played by the player or enhanced with a redstone.
  • Mob heads can be placed on laptops without stealth

Piglin gang leader

  • Pigs lower their heads when an already loaded creep kills them
  • Placing Piggly's head on the scratch pad will play one of Piggly's ambient sounds
  • Piglin's hat will cover his ears when equipped with a Redstone or when the player wears it while walking.

Full Patch Notes

If you want to read the full patch notes, including the various bug fixes, you can do so via the official Minecraft Contact Websites blog post.


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