Minecraft: Everything Included In 1.20 Trails & Tales Update

Minecraft: Everything Included In 1.20 Trails & Tales Update
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The Minecraft 1.20 update is known as Trails and Tales. Everything is designed to bring out your adventurous side. Expect new types of blocks, new monsters and much more. You have many options for cataloging your journey and displaying it for all who enter your Minecraft world.

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There is a lot to do in Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales. However, many of them work hand in hand. It all comes down to new additions to the game that will fill you with meaning and rekindle your spirit of exploration in Minecraft.


Archeology combines many new aspects of Minecraft with the 1.20 update. Trails and Tales adds a suspicious sand block type, brush tool, and pottery shards to collect. These are important elements to build.

The brush is used on the sand you suspect you find. After a short cleaning time, the sand will reveal anything from random objects to potters, so you can use four potters to create a decorative vase.

bamboo blocks

Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales has a lot of bamboo, it grows and allows you to collect bamboo blocks. It adds a brand new wooden bamboo set to the game and everyone loves the new Minecraft wooden sets.

Bamboo creates new opportunities for construction, decoration and travel. You can create simple slabs and stairs as well as tiling blocks and a raft.

Glide through the water on your bamboo raft or use it to carry other items around the world.

to spy

The Sniffer won the Minecraft Live 2022 audience vote. Now it comes with Minecraft 1.20 brought back from extinction.

If you want to populate your world with this new mob, you will need to hatch Snuff Eggs in Small Snuffs.

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Snuff Eggs are found in Suspicious Sand and work just like other eggs in the game. Once you have taken care of a full Sniffer, you can befriend him and get him working.

You smell seeds that can be used to grow ornamental plants.


Camels are here from Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales. They change the way mounted monsters work.

Because they are so big, two players can jump on their backs and ride together. The size of the camel also allows it to climb over fences and low walls.

You can lure and raise them like other mobs in Minecraft, but good luck getting them back on their feet when they lay down to rest. If you manage to mount one, you'll have such a crowd that the enemies won't even be able to reach you.

pig heads

In the past, you could collect the heads of various enemy mobs, but now Minecraft 1.20 introduces pig heads to that pile. After defeating one of them, you can capture the devious pig heads, which can then be used with a whole new function.

Trails and Tales adds playable crowd sounds to Minecraft. Whether it's a pig's head or a tendril, you can put it on a notepad.

The surround sound of the corresponding mob is then played. Why not create a symphony of crowd noise to scare your friends?

hanging signs

Characters are an integral part of Minecraft. With a properly placed sign, you can label and identify just about anything.

With the Trails and Tales update, you can now hang signs. You can even do this with any type of tree you want.

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If you want to hang a sign, you can do it under any block or on the side. The ability to hang the panels now gives them even more panache.

It is up to you to decide whether to guide travelers to the right path or lead them to an unexpected death.


Armor protects you from all kinds of dangers in Minecraft. Whether it's a hostile mob or a fire, your armor will protect you.

With the 1.20 update, you can further customize this armor.

Armor Finishing gives you the ability to customize your armor. There are 11 models with 10 different colors to choose from.

You no longer have to stick to a generic skin. The finish of the armor will make you stand out from the crowd.


Sculpted bookcases are a big part of the Minecraft 1.20 update. Trails and Tales lets you build your own library if you like.

You can store up to six books. These can be ordinary books, enchanted books, written books or pens.

However, it has no interface. Simply add and remove books right from your library.

However, you can also place the book in a specific location in the library. Create a library of your deepest thoughts so explorers can explore your world.

Cherry blossoms

It is difficult to reach a new biome in Minecraft. The Cherry Blossom biome was added with the 1.20 update and is a sight to behold.

Pigs, sheep, and bees are teeming with cherry trees, so there are plenty of them in this biome.

Not only does it look great, but it also gives you a full set of rosewood. Also, you can pick seedlings and plant blooming sakura anywhere.

The creative possibilities seem limitless with the inclusion of a biome.

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