OPPO Find N3 To Launch As A Toptier Foldable Flagship Phone

OPPO Find N3 To Launch As A Toptier Foldable Flagship Phone
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OPPO Find N and Find N2 were very interesting devices. OPPO has taken a different approach to the foldable phone than almost everyone else and has produced some great phones. OPPO Find N3 will be released this year and is said to be a high-end foldable phone.

OPPO Find N3 can be presented as a high-end foldable model

Rumors on Weibo claim that the OPPO Find N3 will support wireless charging. This is a feature that N and Find N2 do not have. However, we still don't know the exact charging speed offered by OPPO.

High-end cameras are also copied, as well as phone screens and batteries. However, since the exact figures are not given at this time, the past information is enough for us.

Based on these, OPPO Find N3 will be bigger than its predecessors. This loses some of its appeal. It remains to be seen if OPPO will keep the same form and offer landscape orientation when the phone is open like the Find N and Find N2.

OPPO might switch things up and release a vertically oriented phone, the Galaxy Z Fold series and all the foldable book-style devices from OPPO and the Pixel Fold.

Its screens will be much larger than those offered by Find N and Find N2

Earlier rumors suggested that the phone will have an 8-inch main screen with a resolution of 2268 x 2440 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The phone's screen is said to be 6.5 inches and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will definitely power the device.

OPPO packs 16GB of RAM in this phone, so you can expect plenty of storage space as well. 4805 mAh battery, 80W wireless charging mentioned earlier. OPPO may introduce 50W wireless charging here.

A 50-megapixel main camera (Sony IMX890 unit) is rumored, along with a 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera (Sony IMX581 sensor) and a 32-megapixel periscope camera. Two 32-megapixel selfie cameras are also featured, one for each of the phone's screens.

The OPPO Find N3 may go on sale in early August, although its predecessor will arrive in December. Let's see if the rumor is true.

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The Oppo Find N2 is the foldable phone of my dreams.

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