Oppo Unveils 'Mixed Reality' Headset In Response To Apple And Microsofts VR Headsets

Oppo Unveils 'Mixed Reality' Headset In Response To Apple And Microsofts VR Headsets

Many believe that at WWDC next week, Apple will unveil its first mixed reality headset. Despite Apple announcing a new mixed reality (MR) device, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo seems to have jumped ahead of Apple. MR Glass Developer Edition at the Oppo booth at AWE 2023, Augmented World Expo.

To encourage more people to become developers and promote XR technology, Oppo has announced that MR Glass will be available as an official Snapdragon Spaces development kit in China. The availability of MR Glass as a China Snapdragon Spaces development kit distributed by EnlightXR is estimated in the second half of 2023. However, Oppo has not yet made an official announcement regarding the possible availability of MR Glass for developers in other countries.

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The Snapdragon® XR2+ platform allows Oppo MR Glass to include advanced features such as a heart rate sensor and SUPERVOOC fast charging. The use of XR technology has brought significant advances in the interoperability and availability of information. Designed with skin-friendly materials, MR Glass is equipped with Binocular VPT (Video Pass Through) technology, two RGB front cameras, a pancake lens and a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. opening endless possibilities for creative expression in a variety of mediums.

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In his keynote speech, Yi Xu, Chief Technology Officer of Oppo XR, emphasized the importance of Oppo MR Glass as a recent achievement, emphasizing the integration of advanced features of Snapdragon Spaces to empower developers. Over the years, Oppo has been actively involved in the development of augmented reality glasses, releasing several iterations, including AR Glass 2021, Air Glass and Air Glass 2. These products evolved from Oppo's original augmented reality concept, AR Glass, introduced in 2019. .

All rumors about Apple VR were dispelled

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