Samsung Working On A ChatGPTlike AI Tool, May Launch It In July

Samsung Working On A ChatGPTlike AI Tool, May Launch It In July
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Samsung has reportedly started developing its own AI device similar to ChatGPT. The company plans to launch the new Large Language Model (LLM) solution by the end of July 2023. The product under development does not yet have a name.

According to Korean media, Samsung Research is leading the project. He allocated significant resources and manpower to ensure the rapid development of the project. Between June and July, the company reduced or limited the use of GPU resources by other business units. Because LLM training requires a lot of GPU power, it doesn't want to overload its GPU when building its AI devices.

Rumors that Samsung was working on an AI device similar to ChatGPT surfaced in May. The company is reportedly in talks with national technology firm Naver to jointly develop the tool. According to reports, the initial version of the new AI solution may debut in October of this year.

However, a new report out of South Korea claims that Samsung plans to complete development of the first generation model within two months. There is no mention of joint development of artificial intelligence tools with Naver. The company decided to go it alone after a senior management meeting attended by executive chairman Lee Jae-young. Possible collaborations with Open AI, Microsoft and Google were also discussed before the decision was made to develop our own solution as soon as possible.

Unlike that company's AI device, Samsung's solution won't be available to the general public. At least not the original version. The company intends to use it for internal business. He sees AI helping to improve or speed up various business processes. The Korean giant wants to use artificial intelligence in software development, document summarization, translation and other internal operations. According to him, "AI can significantly reduce software development and semiconductor design time," reports.

Samsung has previously attempted to use external AI devices for this purpose. In March, it gave some semiconductor workers access to ChatGPT to speed up business processes. However, a tool developed by OpenAI led to the leak of the company's confidential information, which banned the company from using all such external devices. He is now looking for an in-house solution that does not involve such risks.

Given the current AI landscape, Samsung may eventually release a public version of its AI devices, but the initial development appears to be for internal use. If the alleged late July launch schedule is accurate, we'll hear the company talk about AI at its Galaxy Unpacked event on July 27, where it will unveil new wearables, tablets and smartwatches.

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