Share Your WiFi Password In Seconds With Android QR Codes

Share Your WiFi Password In Seconds With Android QR Codes

When people come to your house, they're bound to ask you to connect to their Wi-Fi network, right? And then you need to provide your (hopefully slightly complicated) password.

Many people today have cheap or unlimited mobile data on their phones, so the need for home network access may be reduced, but it remains. If you have an Android phone, you can easily manage Wi-Fi password sharing. However, you must log in to the appropriate network yourself. If you have a separate guest network, which many modern routers support and provides extra security, you'll need to log in before performing these steps.

Depending on the version of Android and your phone, you may find different ways to share over Wi-Fi than what we show here, and possibly even more options. (For example, Samsung has its own spin-off version.) But it's the classic QR code that always works, even if your guest is on an iPhone. And everyone knows how to use QR codes.

This article was translated from Swedish to English and was originally published on The screenshot below is in Swedish.

1. Choices

Make sure you are connected to the correct network. Go to your phone's settings, then Connections & Wi-Fi. Click the gear next to your network.


2. QR code

Click on the QR code below. A QR code will appear on the screen and your guests can scan it. Depending on your phone, other sharing options may appear.


3. Guest number

If your guests have an Android device (similar to an iPhone), all they need to do is open Wi-Fi settings and tap the QR code icon in the top right corner.


4. Scan

Take your phone to scan. After the guest phone recognizes the QR code, it will log in and connect to your network.


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