Switching Your Wear OS 4 Smartwatch Between Devices Might Be Much Easier

Switching Your Wear OS 4 Smartwatch Between Devices Might Be Much Easier
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The Wear OS 4 smartwatch software has already been tested by developers and beta testers. The new software includes many features and controls designed to make it easier for users to use their smartwatches. A new feature that helps ease of use is the ability to switch between multiple devices without setting up your smartwatch.

With the current Wear OS 3 smartwatch, many users want to use their smartwatch on other devices. Switching for this user means configuring the smartwatch on the new device. This is not suitable for users who actively use more than one smartphone.

But as some beta testers have pointed out, all that pressure may be coming to an end for smartwatch users. With this new smartwatch operating system, users don't need to reset their watch to a new device every time they want to change their device temporarily. So far, this feature has been seen on Samsung Galaxy watches running Wear OS 4 and Samsung One UI Watch 5 software.

The folks at 9to5Google have discovered the amazing ability to switch between devices on a device running Wear OS 4 without setting up a smartwatch. This is a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and it also runs on the latest One UI Watch 5 software. All Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch users do. This feature is only available to beta testers, so it's testable.

But with the global release of Wear OS 4 software, many users will be able to sync more than one device to their smartwatch. With this software, you don't need to configure your smartwatch on other devices. What the user needs to do is to make sure that the converted phone and smartwatch have the same Google account.

If you use the same Google account, you don't need to set it up again. All the apps you need on your smartwatch are automatically synced to the same Google account on all your devices. This is a great feature and a welcome addition in the Wear OS 4 update .

This feature has not yet been reported on other smartwatches. But users can rest easy knowing that they'll be getting this feature to their smartwatches in the upcoming Wear OS 4 update. When available, users will no longer need to use their own phone with their smartwatch.

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