Tech Digest Daily Roundup: War Crimes Erased By Social Media AI, BBC Claims

Tech Digest Daily Roundup: War Crimes Erased By Social Media AI, BBC Claims

Evidence of potential human rights violations could be lost after tech companies remove it , the BBC found. Platforms often remove graphic videos using artificial intelligence , but footage that could help law enforcement can be removed without being archived. Meta and YouTube say they are trying to balance their responsibilities to protect users from harmful content and express themselves. The platforms say there are exemptions for graphic content as long as it is in the public interest, but when the BBC tried to upload footage documenting attacks on civilians in Ukraine, it was quickly removed. BBC

Grieving relatives of those who have committed suicide want authorities to take their online stories into account when determining the cause of death . The mother of Archie Battersby, who died in August 2022 after a failed 'prank or experiment', has joined other families in calling for better access to material posted online by their children. "I think he should be available and involved in the whole investigation," Holly told Sky News. “When it comes to the death of a child, everything should be investigated. Frankly, they look at their parents, family life, school life. Why don't you watch on social media? sky news

Tesla's dedicated charging network has helped Tesla become America's leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Now that network is opening up to competing brands, a move that could shake up the outdoor charging industry. Thousands of points in the Supercharger network are dedicated exclusively to recharging Tesla cars - a "walled garden," as Elon Musk calls it. But last week, the chief executive said that starting next spring, Ford will allow plug-ins in 12,000 seats. Tesla previously announced plans to offer other EV brands to use at least 7,500 charging stations by the end of 2024.

Amazon's main UK unit is paying no corporate tax for the second year in a row after receiving tax credits for part of its £1.6bn investment in infrastructure, including robotic equipment in its warehouses. Amazon UK Services, which employs more than half of the group's UK workforce, received £7.7m in tax credits in the fiscal year through December, according to Companies House reports shared by Amazon with The. watchman

Apple's WWDC 2023 grand opening is on June 5th, and expectations are already high. Not only will we be announcing Apple's next major software updates, including iOS 17 for your iPhone, but new Macs are on the horizon. More than once, it seems. While we've heard rumors that Apple is about to release its largest ever MacBook Air, there's more on the horizon. The normally well-connected Mark Gurman says "several new Macs" will be announced at WWDC, suggesting the 15-inch MacBook Air is just the tip of the iceberg. bag pile

In an Instagram post, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Meta Quest 3 preview will take place today
. In the post, Mark Zuckerberg has something mysterious in his hand. Leading up to the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, the event will be illuminated by a countdown that will end at 7:00 AM PT on June 1 and begin with a pre-show at 9:45 AM PT. A video of Zuckerberg's sweater, trousers, and legs can be seen in the background. The unknown object he is holding appears to be filming. This is probably a metaquest 3 in transition mode . mixed

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