TECNO Renews Partnership With UNHCR To Support Refugee Scholarships Programme

TECNO Renews Partnership With UNHCR To Support Refugee Scholarships Programme

Innovative technology brand TECNO (www.TECNO-Mobile.com) today announced its support for DAFI (German Albert Einstein Academic Refugee Initiative) for the second year in close partnership with UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. The partnership aims to provide higher education and internship opportunities to African refugee scholars, unlocking their full potential for adulthood and ultimately promoting equal access to education for all.

By the end of 2022, more than 108.4 million people were internally displaced, an increase of 19.1 million from the previous year, the largest single-year increase. Higher education is essential to restore hope and dignity to displaced persons. The DAFI program supports refugee students worldwide through full scholarships for postgraduate studies. This program aims to promote self-reliance of refugees by increasing access to educational qualification opportunities, developing knowledge and skills to enhance employment and entrepreneurship, and enabling students to contribute to host communities during resettlement and return.

With the support of TECNO and other partners, 2,533 new refugee scholars applied for higher education with DAFI scholarships in 2022, and the refugee enrollment rate in higher education increased from 3% to 6% in 2020. As part of the renewed partnership, a further 20 academic refugees will receive basic tuition fees and support in the form of transport and textbooks to enable young people to complete their studies. In addition, TECNO will provide internship opportunities for refugee students in African offices or affiliates if national policy allows and their qualifications match the position.

TECNO has been working with UNHCR since 2020 to support refugee education. From the Education for Children Program (EAC) to help improve the education of refugee children in Africa, ensure refugee children's right to education and ultimately promote equal access to education for all; DAFI scholarships to increase access to higher education and employment opportunities for refugee youth.

Vano Nupech, UNHCR Representative in China, expressed gratitude to Tekno for its continued support. "The UNSC welcomes this new partnership," he said. “Investing in higher education is not only an investment in students as future leaders and role models – it is also an investment in their communities. We look forward to more private sector partners like Techno joining UNHCR to help close the global refugee education gap and spread the message of solidarity.”

TECNO CEO Jack Guo said, “As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, TECNO gives back to the communities where we operate. Through our strong partnership with UNHCR through the DAFI programme, we continue to support more young refugees to pursue higher education, gain knowledge, develop skills and build a better life for themselves by making a positive contribution to their communities and working together. Africa's bright future.

The DAFI Refugee Scholarship Program, launched in 1992, is the world's largest and longest-running refugee scholarship program. To date, DAFI has helped more than 21,000 young refugees and asylum seekers access higher education. The DAFI program has been implemented in 55 countries by 2021. Africa is the largest DAFI program region with 34 countries.

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