The 26 Best Minecraft Mods 2023

The 26 Best Minecraft Mods 2023

What are the best Minecraft mods in 2023? Every vanilla Minecraft game may be different, but the best Minecraft mods take it a step further and bring a decade of new gaming experiences to life. Whether you like creative building, survival, or fast-paced storytelling, there is definitely a mod for you. From UI changes, to tools that help you spend hours exploring, to new mobs, you have the opportunity to make Mojang Classics even better on PC.

The list below brings together some of the best Minecraft mods available today. They are divided into different categories depending on what you want to do with the sandbox game: from simple tool mods to deep and complex Minecraft mods that can keep you busy for months. If you'd like to learn more about it, CurseForge's Minecraft game mod hub has an entire section dedicated to the best Minecraft mods and add-ons, and the equivalent of the other best PC games of the moment.

Best Minecraft mod RLCraft: Steve stands in front of new biome, filled with orange, red, and brown trees, with a mossy cobblestone structure in the background.

Our pick of the best performing Minecraft mods:

Here are some of the latest mods in the world of Minecraft:

And finally, some of the best Minecraft mods and building blocks:

Best Minecraft mods - the same snowy landscape with Optifine on and off, showing clear water and reflected sunlight.

Optivin / FastCraft

Minecraft looks great with the must-have Optifine, which adds support for higher resolution textures and more control over graphics options. You may need to install Optfine before you can play Minecraft shaders, but Optfine itself provides dynamic lighting, better textures, and higher performance. Optifine should be fine on most PC setups, but if you're playing with potatoes, get FastCraft - it improves performance dramatically on low-end hardware, especially when you have a lot of Minecraft mods installed.

Best Minecraft mods - the Journeymap UI shows a top-down view of the map with all of the terrain types nearby.

travel map

Everyone would like to know where they are going. Journeymap maps your world as you explore, lets you mark interesting paths, and even alerts you when Minecraft mobs are hiding behind you. View your matching scorecard as a small map, in full screen mode, or even in an external web browser.

Best Minecraft mods - the user interface of the Just Enough Items mod, with the player crafting a map and a yellow wool block, and a long list of items on the right and side.

Enough articles

If you need a pain reliever for wiki alt-tab while playing Minecraft, head over to Just Enough Items (or JEI). It allows you to search for any item recipe of your installed Minecraft mods on the Minecraft inventory screen through a seamless interface.

Best Minecraft mods - a closed ender chest and the Jade UI showing its contents, a variety of colourful terracotta blocks.


Jade is a very useful Minecraft mod, especially if you have a bunch of world-altering mods or mods installed alongside it. Jade not only tells you which item you're seeing, but also provides additional information, such as the contents of a chest or any status effects that apply to mobs.

Best Minecraft mods - Enchantment Descriptions UI describes Sharpness V enchantment in great detail.

Spelling details

For those who need a quick reminder of what Minecraft Amulets do, the enchantment description mode provides textual descriptions of all the enchantments in your inventory. This mode also supports spelling change and displays these instructions in more than 13 different languages

Best Minecraft mods - Twilight Forest mod shows how to build a portal in a journal.

Twilight Forest

This cool mod adds a new portal and a new dimension: Twilight Forest. You have to play normally until you collect the materials to build the portal above, but after that you can completely transform your Minecraft experience into dungeons, legendary creatures, and more.

Minecraft Mods: Yung's Better Fortresses - Image shows a player in full diamond armor in the left hand corner, looking out over a magnificent improved fortress.

Best Young Castle

Yung's Better Castles is just the tip of Yung's mod iceberg, as cutting edge Minecraft has created better healer huts, sea ruins, and every other Minecraft structure you can think of. Put them together and you get the most amazing Minecraft world imaginable.

But for now, let's focus on our favorites, Young's Best Castles. As you can see in the image above, the Minecraft mod transforms the Dreadful Nether by expanding the existing castle into a larger and more formidable structure that spans multiple floors and features a castle-like main building. In vanilla Minecraft, this castle might be big, but it doesn't really stretch up and down. On the other hand, one of the best Yung castles is the Lava Hall, which is a part of the structure that extends deep into the earth.

Best Minecraft mods - in the Biomes O'Plenty mod, there is a Fungal Jungle biome full of orange mushrooms.

Multiple biomes

As if there weren't enough regular biomes in Minecraft to keep you occupied, O'Plenty's Biomes adds plenty of new biomes to the overworld and underworld, from the Alps to the Homeland and everything in between. It adds a bit more variety in equipment, armor, food, and colors, and adds some extra blocks to build with.

Best Minecraft mods: a menagerie of animals of all shapes and sizes in Alex's Mobs.

Alex crowd

From our annual Minecraft poll, we know that players are always asking for more creatures, monsters, and humans to add to vanilla Minecraft. Well, you don't have to wait for the next big Minecraft update with 84 new Alex mobs creatures. This mix of real-life and fantasy creatures includes kangaroos, tigers, and so-called bone vipers - each with unique fall and fall mechanics.

Best Minecraft mods - a Nether portal in the overworld, showing a basalt delta and magma cubes on the other side.

immersive portal

Jumping into Minecraft or completing a portal without knowing what's on the other side can be downright intimidating. Fortunately, the immersive portal changes that by showing you what to expect on the other side.

Best Minecraft mods - in RLCraft, a purple biome with structures and new mobs.

R.L. craft

Still the most iconic Minecraft mod of all time, RLCraft plays on the love of fantasy worlds by adding dragons, fairies, and more to your Minecraft world. but that is not all. In addition to a host of creepy and fun mobs, RLCraft features new biomes, new automatically generated structures like towers and dungeons, and an all-new survival experience.

Best Minecraft mods - Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are standing on sand near a wall of materials.

pixel cents

If there is anything better than one of the most iconic game franchises of all time, it's two of the most iconic game franchises of all time. Pixelmon does exactly that, bringing all of your favorite Pokemon into the world of Minecraft.

Best Minecraft mods - in SkyFactory 4, a floating landscape featuring different farms and trees.

sky factory 4

One of the most classic Minecraft mods, Skyfactory is based on the popular Skyblock map. Combining the original SkyBlock experience with industrial autonomy, SkyFactory 4 lets you lose yourself in a floating Minecraft world full of unique tools and machines, new crops, and even magic.

Best Minecraft mod - the Better Minecraft logo over new neon nether biome.

MC is good

Based on the developers' vision of how Minecraft should be , Better MC adds more bosses, monsters, plants, items, levels, quests, and more to bring you the full Minecraft experience you never thought you needed. We're not saying we still don't love the core game, but Minecraft will never be the same once you try Better MC.

Minecraft mods: Good Ending is a mod that changed the wilderness, and the image shows a beautiful biome with new flora on top of water, new plants, and new green blocks, adding to the lush landscape.

Great ending

Modders Orsinus and Ninny's The Good End have reimagined the Minecraft desert and made this survival game more awesome than ever. If you are already one of those gamers who were disappointed when Firefly was not included in the wild update then Good Ending is for you as the designers have implemented a popular mechanic which means great days and nights in this beautiful mod. .

Best Minecraft mods - inside a cavernous vault filled with water, stalagmites, and stalagtites.

camp hunter

Finally, our last pick on the list is Vault Hunters, another game-changing mod pack. Developed by popular Minecraft YouTuber and Iskall85, Vault Hunters takes you deep into exciting procedurally generated vaults where you must compete for valuable loot, armor, and weapons. There is also a fully playable storyline for Vault Hunters which aims to unlock one ultimate assassin's vault by collecting 25 artifacts.


Supplemental mod is a great free mod that goes with vanilla Minecraft and adds some new Redstone items, decorative blocks, and other tools and equipment. If you've ever felt the need for a reel or weather vane system that produces a redstone signal, Supplements has you covered. Looking to enclose something or proudly display your Netherite gear on a pedestal? It is there too. In order to use the add-ons, you also need to install the Moonlight Library mod.

Minecraft mods: an oak tree with a face in the Mystical Oak Tree mod.

Mysterious oak

While we're at it, here's another one of the complement's makers: the fuzzy oak tree. We couldn't refuse to include this minimal mode where you get to interact with the wise old oak tree. In each underworld biome, find the Faced Oak Tree and interact with the trees to hear jokes, tales, and more. Be careful not to talk to them during the day because they don't like to be woken up from their nap. And of course, do not try to attack them - they will fight back.

Five plank golems from Max's Miny Golems, one of the best Minecraft mods, stand in a row surrounded by flowers and grass.

Max mini golems

If you've been around since Minecraft Legends was released, you're probably familiar with the cute players you can recruit to help you fight in the strategy game. Well, this mob now appears in the original Minecraft thanks to the mini golem max mod.

While Golem Mini Max shares some familiar faces from Legends, there are some differences. First, there are three Legendary Golems, of which Max has added a few and plans to add a honeycomb golem and slime in the future. New items have also been added to create this dear friend, including new types of dishes, flowers, and molars.

A frog sits in a pet bed, and is accompanied by text displaying its enchantments, extra health, charismatic, and bubbling, in the Minecraft mod Domestication Innovation.

local innovation

From the same folks who brought Alex mobs, the Domestication Innovation improves player interaction with normal and modified mobs. Lure your pets, control an unstoppable horde, use them in battle and send them to sleep. The different spells available can make the mobs you control do amazing things like see creatures, push enemies, and attack crowds of enemies with lightning bolts. Home innovation works not only in vanilla mobs and mobs alex, but also in mods from other creators.

Best Minecraft mods - a detailed bar with stools and wine bottles in the LittleTiles.

small tiles

To start the building mod part of this guide, let's dig a little deeper. While block limits in Minecraft may be part of the fun for many, LittleTiles offers those who want more flexibility the ability to build with pixel-sized tiles. With LittleTiles there are no limits to your imagination. Small blocks in this mode can be used to create moving parts, flashing lights, and more.

Best Minecraft mods - the Chisel UI allowing players to see the new battery.


The tool gives you access to the tool that allows you to change the texture of any block. With a variety of industrial-style textures, Chisel allows players to create the most intricate and intricate mechanical constructions.

Best Minecraft mods - in FramedBlocks, an arrangement of Minecraft modded blocks.

framed block

Dice are cool and all, but sometimes you want a shield, right? FramedBlocks add an incredible number of new skins to your Minecraft inventory to work on your unique designs. Even better, it also features a customizable texture. Simply right click on the shield or plate or move with any other Minecraft block and it will take that texture. Would you like a flower pot made of wool? You did it right

Best Minecraft mod - Decocraft items, pumpkins, chair, table, toys, and cactus.

decoration crafts

If you want more variety in decorating your Minecraft home, DecoCraft is the mod for you. Nearly 3,000 new customization items have been added, including chairs, tables, bowls, bottles, lamps, stuffed animals, beer kegs, and even a kitchen sink. To keep up with all of this, you can join the official discord in the mod.

Best Minecraft mods - in Bibliocraft, here is a set of shelves filled with books, armour, and weapons.


Bibliocraft also offers several aesthetic blocks, but these have their own functions. It is a bibliography. It's true that God knows best. । Yes .

Best Minecraft mods - an assortment of fruit and vegetables in Pam's Harvestcraft 2 UI, list of crops.


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10 * OP * 2023 May God bless you with good health.

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