The Best In Gear, From A Casio Smartwatch To Jetsons Innovative Personal EVTOL

The Best In Gear, From A Casio Smartwatch To Jetsons Innovative Personal EVTOL

ChatGPT and other broad language artificial intelligence (AI) models continue to be a source of admiration for their incredible ability to mimic human speech. I hear

Every time you open an annoyed @ on Twitter, imagine you're complaining about your vacation villa's concierge service, or complaining to a chatbot about a confusing technical interface. Ditto flooding a sneaker brand's comments section with a request for a new colourway, or joining a review forum to discuss the merits of a forgotten vintage design. Each of these seemingly spontaneous interactions is incredibly rich in data points: a treasure trove of raw opinions, interests, and ideas from interested consumers who often think they're talking to each other.

But there may be an invisible observer: AI-powered brands use technology to like and unlike on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Tripadvisor, and Facebook, where people share their opinions, upload, or like photos or videos. Something someone else posted.

"Especially in the areas of luxury, fashion and technology, these categories have very passionate and discerning fans in these parts of the internet," said Chris Bingham, CTO of Brandwatch , a New York-based social media conglomerate with BMW . . Unilever and Carlsberg , among many others. “You have a wealth of data at your disposal to understand how brands view their own products, how their competitors' [products] are perceived, industry trends, [customer's] likes and dislikes, etc. It can replace or usually complement traditional market research expensive and slow,” he added.

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Its ability to turn the internet into a giant advertising group has been around for a while (although the brands that use it are rarely discussed), but now it's leveraging the same leap in technology that transformed ChatGPIT, Midjourney , and others. Services. you are famous According to Grant Kartanov, associate vice president of the CXM Excellence Group at Sprinklr , a New York-based company that provides AI insights to clients like Prada and Lenovo , the key lies in AI's ability to recognize emotions. "The more robust the interception infrastructure, the better you can spot patterns and trends, but there is an opportunity to use AI to generate visual insights," she says. For a sneaker designer, this might be a good statement: "Hey, we see that humans are attracted to this color, but more importantly, how do humans see color?" In other words, AI can't just understand when people post or react to images of green, but also how people feel about that color.

"With better AI, you can ask more specific questions and get more targeted and actionable information," says Bingham. But he said, “Humanity has a very important work to do.” As Rob Report reports, when it comes to “exciting, expensive products,” he says, “There's a certain sense, a certain taste, a certain creativity , which is created by humans and not by hand." Algorithm."

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