The Techno Dystopia Flourishing At The Border

The Techno Dystopia Flourishing At The Border

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On May 11th, I was with a group of people at the foot of the Paso del Norte Bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I suddenly realized I didn't have enough change to cross the bridge back to El Paso, Texas, where I was attending the 16th Annual Border Security Show. To make matters worse, Section 42, the expedited pandemic deportation policy implemented by the Trump administration, was just three hours away. The media was already at the peak of popularity, creating apocalyptic scenarios like the New York Post that an "army" of "illegals" was marching across the border.

While I was looking for these coins, a woman approached me and took out 35 cents from her small purse, the full value. And changed me. Then he did for the rest of our team. When I pulled out a 20 peso bill from my wallet and handed it back to him, he clenched his fists and refused to accept the cash.

I've lived, written, and traveled in Latin America for over twenty years, and I'm not entirely surprised by this generosity, even though it contradicts the media's hype about this historic border. With Joe Biden taking over in 2021, pressure has mounted on Trump's administration to end his 42nd term. Now it was finally going to happen, and hell was on the horizon.

But I learned at the El Paso expo, which brings together top officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), border and immigration enforcement and private companies, that preparations for such a shake-up have been underway for years. And ... don't be surprised! Participating companies planned to make huge profits from it.

The phasing out of Section 42 through the lens of the growing border industrial complex was terrifying. Border officials and industry officials continue to insist that there is a world of "cartels," "rivals," and "criminals" across the border, including, of course, this woman who forced me to change. At the time, I heard many warnings that if the United States relaxed its hold, even for a short time, there would be "border raid" hell.

But later, when I stopped by these exhibition halls, I found information about another channel that was not discussed there or in the media. And I'm not just talking about the additional National Guard members and other troops that the Biden administration and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have deployed to that border. I cite the ever-increasing budget increases and record numbers of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracts that ensure these border regions remain among the most militarized and policed ​​places on the planet. planet earth

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