Vivo Communications Research Institute Unveils New Technology Vision, Hosts 5G Technology Dialogue With Global Partners

Vivo Communications Research Institute Unveils New Technology Vision, Hosts 5G Technology Dialogue With Global Partners

vivo unveiled its latest communications technology vision on Monday, titled "Bringing a Borderless Intelligent World."

As part of this initiative, Vivo Communications Research Institute organized the first 5G Talk event, bringing together industry experts to discuss the latest developments in 5G networks and the potential benefits for consumers.

Vivo's vision of communication technology

vivo believes that through the commercialization of 5G technology and the continuous development of 6G research, communication technology will unite the physical and digital worlds. Through high-speed and reliable networks, communication technology provides a seamless integration between the two worlds, creating new applications, services and experiences. This will break down the boundaries between people, things, space and time, and lead to the development of a borderless world and a sustainable society.

With this vision of the future, Vivo Communication Research Institute's latest vision of "Bringing a Borderless Smart World" reflects its commitment to bridging the digital divide by providing users with the best experience on innovative devices and smart communication services. .

vivo held a 5G technical conference to discuss the development and benefits of 5G

vivo held its first 5G Talk event with six industry experts including representatives from telecom operators, industry associations and academics. Discussing the benefits of 5G technology for developing countries, he said increased connectivity could solve infrastructure challenges such as remote health and education services, the Internet of Things and disaster recovery, and create new business models. To watch the full 5G Tech Talk, visit Vivo Global YouTube.

"At Vivo, we are making 5G smartphones more convenient, accessible and affordable, and empowering people to thrive in new digital landscapes," said Rakesh Tamrakar, Senior Analyst, Vivo Communications Research Institute. “Our continued efforts in this area, including our extensive research and development initiatives, have resulted in outstanding innovations that are now part of the global 5G standards.

We believe that by driving innovation and collaboration, we can all help build a borderless and intelligent world where we all benefit from advanced communication technologies.

It is committed to bringing a premium 5G experience to consumers around the world.

Vivo has designed products that are ready for the next generation of connectivity to suit different consumer preferences and budgets. For example, the powerful X and V series offer some of the fastest 5G phones on the market, thanks to Vivo's innovative 3D stack technology. The recently launched V27 Noble Black is one of the slimmest curved phones in the Vivo portfolio, offering a comfortable fit with a thickness of 7.36 mm and a weight of 182 grams. The phones also have exceptional power-saving features and ultra-reliable connectivity, all backed by years of research and development.

By supporting the development of home 5G network and communication technologies, vivo hopes to bring to life a borderless intelligent world by making high-speed communication and digital life convenient and convenient through a variety of 5G devices.

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