What Is SpiderMan 2099s Problem?

What Is SpiderMan 2099s Problem?

Sometimes a movie doesn't need a villain. It takes some time. Spider man. Beyond Spider-Man, there's one of each.

The first is Spot (Jason Schwartzman), one of the weirdest villains in the Spider-Man canon, a guy who can create portals at will and cause all kinds of trouble. As for the villain, it's Miguel O'Hara (Oscar Isaac), aka Spider-Man 2099, the leader of an advanced task force in an alternate reality. Unlike Keith, whose case is detailed in -universe, Miguel is a mystery in this film. We get some backstory for him, but mostly vague hints. These hints suggest that he is somehow different, perhaps disturbing. And perhaps because it's only the first part of a two-part story into the Spider-Verse, the movie doesn't follow the intended direction.

[ Ed. Note: Beware of small Spider-Man spoilers.

For a movie full of exposition, the alternate universe character missing from Spider-Verse can be boring. In the movie, we learn that he is some kind of vampire (which is never explained), that he secretly takes some kind of drug (also not a detail), and most of all, he is Spider-Man, which is not funny at all. (Actually an insult to all Spider-Man.)

Like most things in the Spider-Verse , it's easier to appreciate Miguel if you know his full story from the Marvel comics where he first appeared. However, there is a caveat here. While the Spider-Verse movies are lovingly created from Spider-Man comics and their many adaptations, many of the characters in the movies are original. In fact, the story that Miguel finds in this movie is new to this movie; The way he reflects the Kingpin into the Spider-Verse , trying to blend into an alternate reality where he can have a family, doesn't come from the comics;

So treat this information with an appropriate amount of skepticism before delving into this subject. Because even though Miguel is one of the versions of Spider-Man that he's had the most comics about, he's probably the weirdest in the Spider-Verse movies.

Main, 2099

To be fair, the name "Spider-Man 2099" is not an alias for Miguel O'Hara. From 2099, only Spider-Man . Like many strange funny ideas, this one was born in the 90s.

In the year In 1992, Marvel released a series of comic books about the future of the Marvel Universe in 2099. Many familiar superheroes like Spider-Man and the Punisher have been reimagined for a new-age cyberpunk dystopia, while new characters take on classic alter egos. Some others, such as Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four, have visited this existing future of the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man 2099 was the most popular and enduring character in the 2099 series. Although the series Although it ended in 1998, Miguel made occasional appearances in Marvel Comics over the following years until he was introduced to the main Marvel Universe in 2014 with the new Spider-Man . 2099 series.

The current comics take Miguel back in time, but he's been stuck ever since.

Who is Miguel O'Hara?

Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, Spider-Man 2099 takes the cyberpunk comic book take on the beloved webmaster and reimagines it in a techno thriller set in the futuristic Nueva York.

Over 44 issues, David, Leonardi and a team of other artists created a new story about Miguel O'Hara, a half-Irish, half-Mexican American geneticist for the mega-corporation Alchemax. Miguel Alchemax is working on a project that will give him a genetically modified super soldier, but he wants to quit after a guilty conscience. Too bad his bosses won't let him.

In the most violent origin story of the popular Marvel comic book character, Miguel leaves the boss Rapture, a highly addictive designer drug that makes him addicted to the only distributor. legit from Rapture, Alchemax. In his desperate attempt to purify himself as Spider-Man, Miguel uses a machine he developed for a super-soldier experiment to restore his genome to its pre-snapping state. Unfortunately, a rival sabotages the process and forces the machine to rewrite her genetics to become 50% spider.

The biggest issue here is that Miguel's transformation is more sinister than Peter Parker's, adding to the character's physical horror. Most of their abilities are comparable, but Miguel's creations are a bit more terrifying. It is attached to the walls, but it has claws extending from its hands and feet. Instead of a spider's senses, he developed a sense of sight and hearing, causing his pupils to disappear and the light of day unbearable. Long before Sam Raimi gave Peter Parker organic web shooters, Miguel O'Hara had spiders in his hands. The most notable are the dogs he developed that can't be turned back, that release a powerful poison and cause Miguel to use grunts when he speaks, so it's unclear.

(One of the most disturbing lines in Spider-Verse is when Gwen mentions that Miguel is a "ninja vampire". It's a problem for him. Gwen's line is probably an unintended blow to her ambitions. If...)

From there, Miguel uses the clothes he bought on Mexico's Day of the Dead as his new uniform and tries to heal his pain by taking revenge on those who ruined his life. He is assisted by Leela, the AI ​​assistant who voiced Greta Lee in the movies. It's not really his crime-fighting part; She's basically a super-sophisticated Ciri, who manages Miguel's apartment in the comics. In the end, Miguel learns to be a hero. He manages.

2099 is just a state of mind.

Knowing all of this, except for a few minor details , Spider-Verse is completely faithful to the comics beyond Miguel O'Hara . First, he seems to be more dependent on his high- tech clothing.

Also, the filmmakers want to pay homage to the character's comic book origins before doing something too different with him, which they already started with the character, like the general Spider-Cop.

Miguel is basically one of the most popular Spider-Man in Marvel history, which is no exception to Peter Parker. Unlike Peter or Miles, Miguel becomes Spider-Man as an adult, especially since Spider-Man is first accepted and involved in the corporate espionage scene. Miguel has to come to terms with the world he's helped, and the story goes that compared to Miles or Peter's power-and-responsibility mantra, he's more rational than a stickler for the cause. Stock

I mean, yeah, he's a little crazy. But does "Beyond Spider-Man" prove to be stupid for the greater good? Or will he be temporarily blinded by his own rigid moral calculations and remain as he is in the universe ? We will know by 2099 2024.

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