With OPPO Smartphones, Everyone Can Take Pictures Like A Pro

With OPPO Smartphones, Everyone Can Take Pictures Like A Pro

Camera and imaging technology has long been a key resource for OPPO, with significant R&D investment in imaging technology resulting in significant advances. By 2023, OPO has made imaging technology the centerpiece of its development strategy and strengthened its commitment with an annual research and development budget of more than $140 million, consisting of more than 1,000 professionals.

But despite such a huge investment, OPPO never intended to create camera features like night vision or hyper-zoom lens. Instead, OPPO aims to improve photography performance in the areas most used by smartphone users. OPPO strives to enable people to easily capture the magic of every moment at the touch of a button.

Taken with the Find X6 Pro telephoto lens

As part of this effort, OPPO has established the Photography Insights Group, consisting primarily of professional photographers, whose mission is to thoroughly analyze the weaknesses and limitations of current smartphone photography from a professional perspective, as well as image processing technologies in different levels of photography. . . The process.

In March this year, OPPO implemented the first recommendations from the Photography Insights team for its new flagship smartphone, the Find X6 Pro.

To showcase the amazing imaging capabilities implemented in the device, OPPO invited professional photographers and media representatives to the OPPO Imaging Tour in Bali, where participants can use the advanced imaging capabilities of the Find X6 Pro to capture the beauty of the Pacific island . Shoot

OPPO's revolutionary telephoto lens that opens new perspectives in smartphone photography

Scroll through your cell phone's photo album and count the number of photos taken at 10x zoom or higher. The number can be very small or zero. Although many smartphones today have the ability to shoot at this high magnification, this feature is rarely used in practice. Why are telegraphic lenses so rarely used?

After investigating this problem with professional photographers, the OPPO team discovered that smartphone video technology is currently being developed, which is losing image quality by following focal multiples without exception. The periscope module of a super-telephoto lens is usually too large, which limits the sensor area and does not receive enough light. This results in distorted, overexposed and high noise levels in images in low light areas that the user does not want.

Get X6 Pro footage with 3x zoom

Get X6 Pro footage with 6x zoom

An excellent user-requested telephoto lens should provide the best image quality at the most commonly used focal lengths. Very large scaling factors are rarely needed. However, smartphone manufacturers find it extremely difficult to fit a telephoto module with a large sensor into a thin and light body. Conversely, it's easy to include a periscope telephoto lens with more zoom on a smartphone.

The good news is that OPPO has a long history of developing mobile telephoto lenses, including continuous optical zoom and a portable camera. Building on this catalog of innovations, OPPO has developed a revolutionary structure that reduces the size of the periscope lens to create more space for a larger sensor and larger periscope prism.

Thanks to the large sensor, even in low light, the phone no longer forces the camera to switch to a wide-angle lens for digital zoom. And a large prism eliminates mirror caps for a stable image. So now you can enjoy image quality from optical zoom to telephoto to capture beautiful, professionally composed images in low-light or high-contrast situations.

For the first time on a smartphone, the periscope telephoto lens covers not only distance, but also light and dark. To make it easier to take professional-looking photos with the telephoto lens, OPPO has included 3x and 6x zoom presets commonly used by professional photographers. With this easy-to-use lens and settings, it becomes very easy for users to explore and capture beauty from a new angle.

OPPO's portrait mode gives your smartphone DSLR-level depth of field capabilities

Professional portrait photographers are now choosing DSLR cameras over smartphone cameras because the latter can only capture pretty pictures these days and are not professional at all. Depth of field has a big impact here, as the smartphone's portrait mode often suffers from insufficient accuracy to distinguish people and unrealistic bokeh in the background.

This is due to the fact that modern smartphone depth-of-field algorithms do not correctly distinguish the sides of people, for example, hair, and a uniform level of bokeh on all objects in the background, which results in an image that looks very unrealistic.

The Find X6 series has implemented a professional camera bokeh effect to create more realistic portraits. OPPO's bokeh algorithm creates a progressive level of bokeh for everything but people depending on their distance from the lens, which is closer to an SLR camera. Background spotlights are also covered with the bokeh algorithm, as we have calculated the natural light distribution that gives the correct spatial relationship and brightness levels of the diffused light.

Taken in portrait mode on the Find X6 Pro

Also, considering the challenges smartphones face in accurately detecting hands, gestures and round objects, OPPO engineers have developed a unique solution to these challenges with dedication and rigorous algorithm training. OPPO's updated technology provides a natural and smooth bokeh effect in the portrait mode of the Find X6 series, allowing you to take professional portraits from your smartphone.

All three Find X6 Pro cameras are equipped with best-in-class sensors to ensure adequate light at typical focal lengths. Whether exploring nature, taking photos on the beach or capturing memories from a friend's birthday party, users can capture faces and highlights with precision and naturalness, while the landscape is beautifully blurred, just like in a studio. As produced by the optical lens, the matte image is precise and fully integrated with the background.

Thanks to Find X6 Pro's Periscope TV camera and large IMX890 sensor, portrait mode now covers the best focus for professional portraits, bringing the experience of using a DSLR camera. Shooting at 3x zoom offers more options for composing the shot, but the slight compression of perspective that even a telephoto lens provides is nice.

OPPO's precise interpretation of light and shadow redefines what a good photo is

Of the many elements that go into creating a great photograph, none is more important than light. In the field of photography, light serves as the cornerstone that shapes every aspect of an image. From its overall character to the level of separation between objects, colors, textures, atmosphere and the narrative it conveys. Professional photographers emphasize the importance of capturing the right light, understanding the effect of variation on the final composition.

In an effort to improve night photography or natural photography with high contrast, for example with strong backlighting, many smartphone models have adopted solutions that increase image clarity by overlaying information from multiple image frames. Although this often achieves the desired result, a dense approach also results in the loss of detail and beauty in the natural light and shadow of the original scene.

To better capture and reproduce the true essence of light and shadow in the Find X6 Pro, OPPO took a two-pronged approach. The first step is to use the phone's triple camera system to capture a wide range of light data. The second step, the result of an extensive research and development investment of more than $5.6 million, is to use advanced algorithms to accurately process light data at every step, from image capture to image display. .

Find X6 Pro is equipped with a next-generation image processing architecture that uses 10 times more processing power than its predecessor, offering new advances in image quality, highlights, shadows and colors. The high processing power of the new image processing architecture enables the addition of the multi-frame RAW domain to the Find X6 Pro, resulting in a 30% improvement in image quality and a 60% reduction in image noise.

Take every photo with the Find X6 Pro and the natural textures and contrasts of light and shadows are restored for images that are close to reality. In the lower left image, the human face, horse and sky are adjusted to the same brightness level, making the scene flat and shallow. On the contrary, the image does the opposite: it seems to transport us to the scene itself, creating each element in its own unique light, which shows the precision we find in real life.

Additionally, OPPO uses Photon Matrix technology to accurately reflect natural light and shadows. The Find X6 Pro can record twelve million photons of luminance data, extending the maximum dynamic range eight times over conventional SDR technology.

The exciting play of light and shadow in Find X6 Pro photos has made smartphone users explore the art of different lighting techniques, redefining the level of perfection and enhancing their creativity. In April 2023, OPPO launched the Imagine IF Photography Awards 2023. Despite the open invitation to the public, the high quality of entries received so far has led many to mistakenly believe that this is a competition for professional photographers with years of experience and equipment valid. Thousands of dollars.

Taking high-quality photos has never been easier with OPPO smartphones. After launching the Find X6 Pro, we received a lot of feedback from users. They noted that the Find X6 Pro has renewed their desire to become better photographers. Experiences like these are exactly why OPPO has invested heavily in imaging technology: so that everyone can easily find and follow their passion for photography.

In addition to the overwhelming success of those who tested the phone, the Find X6 Pro set new records in the industry, including 153 records in the DXOMARK camera test. This level of public and industry recognition further reinforces OPPO's belief that we must continue to do our best to advance imaging technology. OPPO's next step is to bring the proven technological capabilities of the Find X6 Pro to the OPPO Reno series, allowing users around the world to enjoy a superior camera and take photos like a seasoned pro.

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