YouTube Music Rumored To Be Testing Redesigned Now Playing Interface With New Features

YouTube Music Rumored To Be Testing Redesigned Now Playing Interface With New Features

It looks like YouTube Music is currently working on a change to its streaming interface, as evidenced by leaked images posted on Reddit. While the platform recently ditched its previous update, these images show an updated version of the Music app with several new buttons and improvements, including the introduction of a carousel.

The proposed redesign makes significant changes to the current game interface. First, the top corner no longer displays the "Now Playing" text that was part of a redesign that was discontinued in mid-November. The album cover now takes up a bit more space and the rounded corners are more visible.

Some elements, such as the video/song selector, additional menu, and the stream button, remain largely unchanged. The song title and lyrics were moved to the left, as was the redesign of YouTube Music Now Playing on Android, which no longer exists. The most useful addition is the introduction of carousel, which provides users with various features including downloading, sharing and saving their favorite songs. The familiar "Gifts" up/down buttons have been retained, but are now in a separate section to the left of the carousel under the song/artist title.

It's worth noting that YouTube Music previously released a Now Playing update for Android devices in mid-November, reverting to its previous design earlier this year.

However, despite the possible improvements, one long-awaited feature that is still missing from the new update design is the Live Lyrics feature. Many users are clamoring for this feature, which is available on competing platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The inclusion of Live Lyrics in the YouTube Music Now Playing interface has not been confirmed, and it is not yet known if and when the feature will be introduced.

As YouTube Music continues to explore new design possibilities, these leaked images show the changes and improvements that users may experience in the near future.

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