7 Top Indian Minecraft YouTubers To Check Out

7 Top Indian Minecraft YouTubers To Check Out

From a small indie game to one of the biggest games out there, Minecraft offers a platform for many to unleash their creativity.

This item means that many people present their creations on YouTube and earn money.

The game has proven to be very versatile over time, giving players different levels of experience.

Minecraft on YouTube has a growing community of players around the world.

This community has spread to the Indian gaming industry, with many YouTubers playing Minecraft regularly.

Here are seven Indian Minecraft YouTubers for you to check out.

Technical players

Subscribers: 34.1 million

Ujjwal Chaurasia better known as Techno Gamerz is one of the biggest Indian YouTubers.

He played video games from a young age. Ojwal often played snowbros at his brother's house.

Grand Theft Auto has started playing. The beloved Vice City and its open world concept.

Ujwal started his YouTube channel in 2017 and started posting gaming tutorials using his brother's phone for filming.

When his videos started getting views, his brother encouraged him to post more.

With over 34 million subscribers, Techno Gamerz publishes the gameplay of a variety of games, but Minecraft is one of the most popular.

The Minecraft series started in April 2020 and continues today.


Subscribers: 5.96 million

BeastBoyShub is known for publishing the gameplay of several titles, but its Minecraft videos are among the best.

After getting a phone while in college, Shibham Saini found YouTube "a platform to express and share his ideas and talents with the world".

Shubham, who initially pursued a course in technology, turned to science.

Meanwhile, he gradually expanded his YouTube channel until he was able to make money.

When he became financially self-sufficient, Shubham left college and helped his father in his business.

He eventually sued YouTube full time, claiming he was inspired by British YouTuber PewDiePie.

His Minecraft videos show him on various adventures creating new things for his world with an enchanting voice.

Besides playing games, Shubham also creates games. In 2019 , BeastBoyShub released Zombie Shooter and BeastBoyShub. zombie hunter .


Subscribers: 13.5 million

Known as Mythpat, Mithilesh Patankar is known for posting funny gameplay videos on YouTube, especially Minecraft and GTA .

His passion for the game started from an early age.

He said. “I think I started playing when I was in second or third grade, and like any other kid, my first game was probably Super Mario Bros. Or it was the Contras , that's their job.

"I remember playing Road Rash after we got our first computer."

On YouTube, Maithbat did not show his face at first.

As his audience grew, they demanded to see his face. In 2020, Mythpat finally revealed its face and quickly reached 1 million subscribers.

Mythpat tries different tricks in his Minecraft videos and uses mods to make his game more interesting.

He also creates and hides playhouses, and challenges other YouTubers to find them.

Mythpat has also released Minecraft reaction videos on how to respond to a fan-made Minecraft movie.

RawKnee Games

Subscribers: 4.27 million

Although based in Mumbai, Ronodip Dasgupta is of Bengali descent.

His YouTube project grew out of his VFX work.

He was very good at his job, but as his YouTube channel continued to grow, he left and devoted himself entirely to YouTube.

Known for his humorous videos, Ronodeep adds an element of comedy to his Minecraft videos.

In his career, he would rather be a live broadcaster than a professional player.

Because he takes everything for fun, he thinks that playing online is not fun because he understands that everyone is playing to win, not to have fun.

According to Ronodeep, he is not only pretending to be successful but wants to promote the necessity of playing for fun.

Hindustani Chapati Fiddler

Subscribers: 8.3 million

Welsh YouTuber Chapati Hindustani Gamer (Pammi) started out as a vlogger.

It has quickly become the favorite gaming channel for uploading PUBG videos.

His most famous video is Minecraft , which he usually plays with his nephew, Hindustan Gamer Loggi, who is also a YouTuber.

The two main playlists are Minecraft Series and Minecraft Role Play.

The latter saw an uncle and brother duo create stories through Minecraft .

He saw a mock fight over who blew up Logi's house.

Bami went to the forest near Logi Palace and built a mud shelter. Logie blasts Bami's house with TNT, prompting Bami to fight back.

Videos based on this story became a hit with viewers and other playlists include Minecraft Fun, Minecraft Skyblock, and Skyblock 2.

Diaries of Hindustani players

Subscribers: 7.26 million

Also in Wales, Hindustani Gamer Loggy Chapati is Hindustani Gamer's cousin.

Unlike his uncle whose videos are entirely in Hindi, Loggi prefers speaking in English, though he also uses Hindi.

His start on YouTube was rough, and his channel grew slowly.

Loggy's channel started to grow after he started collaborating with his uncle on GTA V videos, especially GTA Online Heist Missions.

Now, he often teams up with his uncle on Minecraft , with the pair broadcasting the same videos from their point of view.

Yes SmartyPie

Subscribers: 5.46 million

Hitesh Khangta aka YesSmartyPie is one of the top Minecraft players in India.

Born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Hitesh grew up in a middle-class family and attended a government school.

Hitesh's passion for gaming started at an early age, but his YouTube channel initially focused on science.

But he soon realized that his true passion was gaming and decided to refocus his channel on it.

Unlike other Minecraft YouTubers who play many other games, YesSmartyPie's channel is dedicated to Minecraft , even though he's played other games in the past.

Hitesh is highly regarded in the world of Minecraft and has been challenged by Mr. Beast, an American YouTuber who has a total of 274 million subscribers due to his speed in Minecraft .

These seven YouTubers have turned their passion for Minecraft into successful careers with millions of subscribers.

Many have turned the game into their own series with unique stories.

Minecraft may seem like a simple game, but the creative possibilities are endless, and these YouTubers show you how to play the Sandbox title.


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