Biden White House, Tech Companies Launch New Safeguards Around Emerging AI Technology

Biden White House, Tech Companies Launch New Safeguards Around Emerging AI Technology

President Joe Biden met with tech leaders at the White House on Friday to highlight what he believes are voluntary new steps companies are taking to increase security and transparency around new AI technologies.

Seven major AI companies - Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft and OpenAI - announced on Friday that they will allow external security testing of their products and share AI risk management information with governments , civil society and academia. , and created a way to recognize content created by their AI products with a digital watermark

Before his meeting with company executives, the President made a brief remark, emphasizing that AI is both promising and dangerous for society.

"This is incredible, artificial intelligence, or -- it promises great risks to our society, our economy and our national security, but it's also a tremendous opportunity, a tremendous opportunity," Biden said.

Recalling that he and Vice President Kamala Harris met with the leaders two months ago, Biden said, "Most of them reiterated their responsibility and to make sure the products they make are safe." and -- and they advertise as they are. "I do. And what they aren't."

The steps were taken voluntarily by the company and described by the White House as "pushing the boundaries of what companies do and raising the bar for safety and trust in AI."

However, Biden indicated that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of the new technology and called for executive and legislative action.

"This promise, this promise is a promising step, but we still have a lot of work to do. Fulfilling the promise of AI will require new laws, regulations and oversight to manage risk. In the coming weeks, I will commit to helping put America on the path to responsible innovation." Go ahead. And we will work with both parties to develop the right laws and regulations," Biden said.

"This is a big responsibility. We have to do it right. And the potential is also very big," he said.

Biden also cited efforts by his administration and Congress to regulate social media companies.

"Social media has shown us that powerful technology without proper safeguards can do harm," he said.

The President's increased efforts to rein in artificial intelligence come at a time when political campaigns are increasingly experimenting with its use -- and growing concerned about its potential abuse. For example, experts warn against spreading misinformation using artificially created images or videos.

The president alluded to those concerns on Friday — albeit vaguely.

Just before entering the room, a reporter jokingly asked the assembled technical officials if they were real or fake.

Biden poked his head around the room — apparently after overhearing the conversation — laughing and saying, "I'm HE."

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