DJ Minx's Queer Techno Artist Compilation Brings Back Women On Wax

DJ Minx's Queer Techno Artist Compilation Brings Back Women On Wax

This year, DJ Minx is in complete control of his kingdom. The First Lady of Detroit Waxworks will release a collection of techno artists for Pride Month.

Finally, here's what we've seen since what seems to be Metro Detroit's worst month of pride (we're looking at you, Hamtramck).

DJ Minx Presents: Queendom Vol. Titled 1, the collection features great house tunes from Sean J. Wright, Nita Aviance, Sidney Blue, DJ Cent, Debbie Graham and Minx herself. It will be released via Minx's Women on Wax on June 23rd.

Minx went public about being a lesbian on Instagram in 2021, writing, "People get emotional stress at the thought of 'getting together', but the stress of not taking up too much space and energy shakes me to the core. So here I am Minx, DJ, Producer, Mom, Partner, Lesbian, Girlfriend."

The Throne on Higher Ground released their last EP in May before heading to The Movement, where they grace their hometown music scene for the second year in a row. He will also perform at another techno festival, Charivari, in Detroit on August 11th. This festival celebrates the city's contribution to techno and dance music.

Minx founded Women on Wax in 1996 as a Detroit-based collective of female DJs and singers, and launched it as an official record label in 2001, led by Detroit artist Moodymann. While Women on Wax has been dormant for the past few years, Queendom is relaunching the label to focus on Detroit's underground and techno artists.

“Women on wax records have been around for a while, but wow!” Minx said in a statement. , is a collection of songs lovingly written by 5 beautiful LGBTQ+ artists. We are so happy to be back!”

You can stream/buy Queendom here.

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