Minecraft Cheats And Console Commands

Minecraft Cheats And Console Commands

What are the best Minecraft console cheats and commands ? There are many ways to play Minecraft, from surviving until you reach the end to creating amazing projects in creative mode. Using console commands in a survival world is both, and we're looking for the best Minecraft cheats to help you out.

Minecraft console controls are very easy to use and you can use them to earn diamonds and other items, summon Minecraft mobs, find rare structures like ancient cities and much more . Keep in mind that turning cheats on and off won't get you any achievements, but if you want to experience all the fun of Minecraft survival without the combat, this Minecraft cheats guide is for you.

Minecraft console commands - Steve is using water and a spade to make a sandcastle. Alex is lying on a sun lounger in the shade, looking out to the ocean. Two parrots are flying overhead.

How to enable cheats in Minecraft

How to enable cheats in new Minecraft worlds:

  • Click "Create a new world".
  • Switch Cheat Allo to On.
  • Choose another option, give your world a name or enter a Minecraft seed.
  • Click "Create a new world".

To enable or disable Minecraft cheats in an existing world:

  • Open the game menu.
  • Click "Open on LAN".
  • Enable "Allow impostor".
  • Note that you must do this every time you start the world.

The best Minecraft cheats and commands

  • Find - Use /find [structure_name] structures to find things like shipwrecks, desert pyramids, and jungle temples. These often contain excellent loot from which you can start a new world well.
  • Give - Use / give <player> <item> [amount] to gift yourself and your favorite items! You almost can't give yourself an enchanted tool or weapon, but you can give yourself a netherite sword and then enchant it with...
  • Enchant - The item you want to enchant in your main hand, use the /enchant @s [Enchant] command, but make sure the enchantment is applied to the item.
  • Game Mode - Use this to change the game mode. For example, if you are playing survival world and want to see dungeons without mines, use the command spectator /gamemode .
  • set time – To change the time, for example to avoid sleepless nights, use / set night time . You can also enter a specific time in Gametrix, which is a number between zero and 24000.

All minecraft cheats and commands

Here are all the Minecraft console commands you can use to instantly change the game:

  • Target Selection Shortcut - The target selection variable defines a specific target without typing its full name. Five different shortcuts are listed above. You will get used to seeing them playing on the best Minecraft servers.
    • @p - the other player
    • @r - random player
    • @a - All players
    • @e - all entities
    • @s - the entity that executed the command
  • Help - /help [command name] (provides more information about the specified command).
  • Give - /give <player> <item> [samount] (Used to give another player an item from your inventory. Example: Give /pcGamesN minecraft:board 13. This gives a fir board PCGamesN 13. This command is much simpler, given a single object, but useful for stackable objects).
  • Teleport - /tp [TargetPlayer] xyz (Used to instantly teleport yourself or another player to a specific location. Entering another player's name instead of coordinates will move the target directly to that player's location. You can teleport in a new world. The best including minecraft maps).
  • Kill - / kill (this code will kill your character instantly; if you add the name of another player, the command will be applied to him).
  • Weather - / Weather Type (You can choose your weather or world. Your weather options include rain, thunder and snow)

Minecraft console commands: Steve equipped with diamond boots, a gold helmet, and a fishing rod, is using Allays to gather Ender Pearls while listening to his music box. The Ender Dragon is attacking overhead.

  • Creative Mode/ Creative Game Mode (changes the game mode to Creative mode, which disables stealing players, unlimited resources and attacking monsters).
  • Survival mode - / Gamemode-Survival (turns the game mode into survival mode, which means that the mobs will attack you and you will have to collect all the resources in the old way).
  • set time - / set time 1000 (set time. Replace "1000" with "0" for dawn, "6000" for noon, "12000" for dusk, and "18000" for night).
  • turn trouble into peace - / peaceful difficulty (Switch difficulty to peaceful mode. Switch peaceful to easy, normal or hard for challenges)
  • How to find the seed code for your world - /seed (this will generate the code for your world, bookmark it so you can upload identical code in the future).
  • Be spare when you die - /gamerule KeepInventory true (ensures you don't lose any items when you die. To reverse this, enter false instead of true).
  • Stop Time - /gamerule doDaylightCycle false (This will stop the game's day/light cycle so you are constantly in the sun or moon. Type /gamerule doDaylightCycle true to restart the day/light cycle. )
  • magic -  / Summon (Throws the desired creature or item directly into your world, which is very useful if you're just a tame ocelot.)
  • Atlantis Mode - / Atlantis (drastically raising the world's water levels, flooding all but the highest mountains).
  • roll - /ride (turns any creature you encounter into a mount).
  • Instant Mining/instantmine (One-click mining with any tool).

Minecraft console commands - a dwarf-like villager is addressing an audience of other dwarves inside the huge hall in the mines.

  • Freeze/ freeze (keeps the crowd calm).
  • Falling Damage/ Falling Damage (enables and disables falling damage).
  • Fire damage - /fire damage (turn off fire damage).
  • Water Damage/ Water Damage (turn water damage on and off).
  • juice - /superhit (converts all objects to their liquid form.
  • immediate harvest - / immediate crop (no need to wait for the planted seeds to grow).
  • Store items - /dropstore (stores all inventory items in the nearest chest).
  • property damage /item damage (Weapons no longer take damage or degrade).
  • Wrong - / duplicate (copy and dump your entire batch of items).

And these are all the Minecraft console commands you need to boost one of the best PC games and get the most out of all those capabilities. but how does it go? Check out some crazy Minecraft seeds to get started without cheating and make your game even cooler with these Minecraft mods - they'll make your game more fun than Mojang ever imagined.

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