Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Watch 5 : Whats New?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Watch 5 : Whats New?

At this year's Unpacked Show, Samsung announced a small set of devices. These were the Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5 foldable phones, the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, and the Galaxy Watch 6 series of fitness watches.

If you were hoping for major updates, you will be disappointed. However, there will be big changes coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 this year that might appeal to those who weren't completely convinced by the Galaxy Watch 5.

However, the basic principles are the same. This watch runs on the Google Wear operating system. They'll track your runs and cycles, you can download additional apps, and the smart heart rate sensor will let you know if it detects any unusual heart behavior.

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