‘techno 2023 To Be Held At BMICH In October 2023

‘techno 2023 To Be Held At BMICH In October 2023

Author: Hiran H. Senewiratne

Mumbai-based trade promotion major Mega Garment chose Sri Lanka as an ideal location to host the Stock Show, given the country's favorable environment due to internal and external ups and downs.

"Sri Lanka is a very resilient and resilient country to any external or internal shock. Despite the crisis, the apparel sector that brings foreign supplies to the country will change by the end of the year," said Arti Bhagat, Managing Director, Global India Exhibitions & Promotions Pvt. Ltd, (WORLDEX).

"Despite the recent news, we are looking forward to hosting the Intex South Asia Mega Garment Sourcing Exhibition in Sri Lanka on August 10, 11 and 12 this year at BMICH in Sri Lanka after a few years," Bhagat told The Two Islands . Financial review.

“We expect more than 120 jobs from nine countries including India, China, Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, UK and Bangladesh among others.

"The current economic pressure is not only in Sri Lanka but also a global phenomenon due to the Ukraine-Russia war and the economic collapse of some European countries. Bangladesh, being the world's leading garment exporter, is facing the same problem.

“Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are affected because they do not have a large domestic market unlike India.

"Our company saw great potential in the Sri Lankan garment industry and decided to hold its first exhibition in Sri Lanka in 2015, followed by regular events in Bangladesh and India. So far, we have held five INTEX exhibitions in Sri Lanka, three in Bangladesh and two exhibitions in India.

"We still see the problem of raw materials in Sri Lanka's garment sector and through our fairs we meet international suppliers along with local manufacturers. Already more than 100 companies from USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are participating," he said.

"The exhibition was supported by clothing associations and ministries. In addition, some companies will bring new technologies used in the garment industry to expand in Sri Lanka this year.

“With a collection of international and regional exhibitors, Intex South Asia is the perfect platform for textile and apparel SMEs looking to do business globally.

"The exhibition will create powerful opportunities to increase exports of textile and apparel products to EU and non-EU markets. During the event, we will organize several technical conferences related to the garment industry.

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