The Best Minecraft Servers 2023

The Best Minecraft Servers 2023

What are the best minecraft servers? We've taken a look at some of the best multiplayer servers out there to find the best, friendliest and most fun of them all. Joining any of the Minecraft servers on this list will invite you into a magical world full of enthusiasts, builders, redstone masters, and survivors. Minecraft worlds are limitless. So what could be better than sharing them together?

While single-player Minecraft is still one of the best games out there, there's nothing quite like immersing yourself in the world with your friends and creating worlds together. The following servers are not just for developers and have something for you if you want Minecraft mods, parkour, PVP or many other things. Enter the world of multiplayer with these awesome Minecraft servers , or if you want to know where to host your Minecraft server, scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Here is a list of the best Minecraft servers to join in 2023:

Best Minecraft servers - MCC Island: a speedboard rushes towards MCC island, which is covered in brightly coloured buildings housing minigames.

Island MK

Server IP :
Game modes: mini-games, parkour

The MCC, or Minecraft Championship, is a popular event in the Minecraft community that brings YouTubers together to compete in a series of PvP and Parkour mini-games. Created by NoxCrew - the legendary creators of some of Minecraft's best maps - the racing and world, puzzles and gameplay are incredibly well designed. While you won't be able to participate in the event itself with your favorite creators, you can join MCC Island, a multiplayer server featuring MCC mini-games and more.

After a closed beta testing period, MCC Island is now available to everyone in Open Early Access. To join, all you need to do is enter your IP address in the multiplayer section of Minecraft and make sure you're running version 1.19.4+.

Best Minecraft Servers - Complex Gaming: The Complex Pixelmon home page load screen, featuring Lapras and other water and ice pokemon.

A complex game

Server IP :
Game modes : Pixelmon, Skyblock, Fragments, Dungeon, Hunger Games, Survival, Creative, Mini Games

Game Complex is a very popular Minecraft server with many game modes including Survival, PvP and PvE. While Hungry Games, Sky Block mode and amazing crafting zones are all highly recommended, more complex games - like Pixelmoncraft above - also have the popular Pixelmon version, which lets you catch and trade hundreds of Pokemon.

To enable some of these game modes, including Pixelmon, you must first install the mod pack. While this takes some work, it also means you can still play Pixelmon solo if you don't want to join a multiplayer server. If you're looking for a great environment to catch your first Pixelmon, try our list of the best Minecraft breeds.

Best Minecraft servers: a pirate harbour surrounded by leafy green trees in Manacube.


Server IP :
Game modes: Parkour, Survival, PvP, Creative, Skyblock, Faction, Dungeon

Thanks to a balanced store, Manakube is one of the few major Minecraft faction servers with minimal paid classes. In addition, there are extensive Minecraft Skyblock servers, as well as survival, parkour and crafting servers.

Manakube is famous for his excellent parkour gameplay. If you're looking for something a little different, the Islands game mode lets you survive on a mostly flooded island while avoiding toxic water. Or there's a dungeon server called Olympus where you can level up private properties as you earn money, giving you new, more profitable areas.

Best Minecraft servers: a sprawling island of mushrooms in the Hypixel server.


Server IP:
Game modes: Mini Games, Sky Wars, Hunger Games, Hardcore, Parkcore

No list of the best Minecraft servers would be complete without the largest and most popular Hypixel. Hypixel is still the most popular Minecraft server in 2023, thanks to its many game modes including Cops and Criminals, Dulles and Murder Mystery.

Their SkyWars game mode is a shocking take on PvP on the classic Minecraft Skyblock server. Here's an amazing variety that makes Hypixel's Minecraft servers a great place to laugh with your best friends.

Best Minecraft servers: Mineplex Sky Wars, with zombie guardians stood around.


Server IP address : or
Game modes
: Minigame, Survival, Sky War

Mineplex is a large Minecraft server platform with many forums and areas for many types of games. Mineplex is filled with thousands of players through various mini-games and experiences.

From casual survival games - inspired by the Battle Royale genre - to unique experiences like Cake Wars, where you try to steal your cake from the opposing team's hungry enemies. Also MineStrike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; One team tries to plant a bomb in one of two designated locations, while the other team protects it.

Mineplex has something for everyone, including a slightly stripped down version of Bedrock's server if you don't play with Java.

Best Minecraft servers: Gen IX Pokemon Sprigatito appears in the Minecraft world thanks to the Pixelmoncraft server.


Server IP :
Game modes: Pixelmon, RPG

Pixelmon mod is one of my favorite Minecraft mods and the only thing that can make it better? Truly multiplayer! PixelmonCraft is exactly that, it is one of the best Minecraft servers. Pixelmon mod takes the popular Pokemon theme and turns it into a multiplayer game.

The geniuses behind PixelmonCraft not only faithfully recreate locations and towns from the Pokemon games, but recreate the game as much as possible. Animals in Minecraft have been replaced by Pokemon that can be caught and used in battle. As you might expect, there are gym leaders to fight, pokemarts to shop, and tall grass to run through. Make sure you choose the right Minecraft skin for each of these servers. Our list contains the perfect Ash Ketchum skin for PixelmonCraft.

This server proves that the blocky beauty of Minecraft is the perfect home for a Pokémon game, and this looks like the Pokémon PC game you've always wanted.

A colourful cast of blocky characters populate a grey stone hub area.


Server IP Address : Bed only
Game Mode:
Mini Games

As one of the biggest and best Minecraft core servers, there's always something to do on HiveMC. From hide and seek to survival games, HiveMC covers all possible genres. Also, this very active community regularly releases new mini-games and maps. Check their website for the latest updates. Unfortunately, HiveMC is not available in the Java version of Minecraft.

A colorful view from above of one of the best Minecraft servers, OPBlocks.

Surgical suspension

Server IP:
Game modes: Dungeon, Sky Block, Creative, Survival, Pixelmon, One Block, Faction, Earth, Bedrock

With an impressive 4.9 star rating out of over 5,000 votes and a reputation for quality, OPBlocks is one of the best places to look for supported game mods. "Toxic Forbidden" is very proud of its friendly and hardworking community of dedicated workers who keep the game updated: they support the latest version of Minecraft 1.20 and update the game with new exclusive content and main content. Rotating game updates. . It even has a Battle Pass and an online store.

A view of the entrance to Insanity Craft, one of the best Minecraft servers, with the server name biult in Minecraft blocks in the sky.

Crazy Craft

Server IP:
Game Modes : Survival, Skyblock, Faction, Junior High, Lifestyle, Dungeon, Crossplay, PvP, Pixelmon, Bedrock

InsanityCraft is considered one of the oldest and largest Minecraft networks in the world and has been around since 2012. It offers many games and game modes, but is known for Class, Survival (SMP) and Skyblock. For all these events, it hosts frequent events and has made many thoughtful improvements to life to add to the fun, such as custom rooms and a plethora of commands and plugins. The site has an online store that sells cosmetics and game upgrades, and the servers offer a handy wiki to help you learn how to run each game.

A horizon of Minecraft skyscraper buildings one a backdrop of a realistic sky in one of the best Minecraft servers, Vortex Network.

Rotating net

Server IP :
Game modes: Dungeon, Skyblock, Survival, Pixelmon

Vortex is a well supported server network with around 2000 regular players. The main game modes are Dungeon, Skyblock, Survival and Pixelmon, all of which are regularly updated and receive exclusive content. The distinguishing feature of the Vortex Network, however, is its extraterrestrial theme: users are called astronauts, and special maps and assets are often placed among the stars, on eerie space stations and with star explorers. If you want space touch and quality support for this game mode then look no further.

A pathway into DonutSMP, one of the best Minecraft servers, with five colored pillars at the end.

Donut deputy

Server IP:
Game Modes: Vanilla Minecraft, Survival (Junior)

DonutSMP considers itself a "hardcore" Minecraft server that always focuses on survival multiplayer (SMP) games. The goal of these servers is to be the richest player on the server, but other than that the rules can vary greatly. In Hardcore DonutSMP, the rules are minimal: grieving, stealing, and killing are allowed, and to make matters worse, there's a time limit before you can join.

But that doesn't mean it's completely against the law - the site lays out a number of conditions to maintain a friendly society and preserve the justice of socialist capitalist Darwinism. b. No hacking, bug abuse, unfair UI advantages, etc. Many multiplayer modes are supported, but DonutSMP takes its name from its simple approach to Minecraft. If you want to move forward without fear - while still improving your fighting skills - you've come to the right place.

An image from one of the best Minecraft servers, Netherite, showing cute bunny armor, which gives the wearer 20% more money in-game.


Server IP :
Game Modes : Survival, Lifesteal, Skyblock, Crossplay and Bedside

In Founded in 2022, Neterit is a new server that is still making waves with around 1000 players each. The company prides itself on quality and innovation and strives to provide the best experience with its flagship games, Survival, Lifesteal and Skyblock. It regularly updates these games according to current styles and is compatible with Minecraft version 1.20.

A snowy biome with a large penguin build and a wooden villa in one of the best Minecraft servers,,

Penguin GG

Server IP :
Game modes : Skyblock, Survival

Another fast-growing new server network, Penguin.GG, was launched in 2022 by Minecraft YouTuber SB737+ with a focus on providing high-quality versions of the popular Skyblock game mode. In less than a year, it regularly registers around 1,300 similar players and has now added SMP Survival to its offering. This is well supported in both in-game and out-of-game mode, including special levels and items purchased in the online store.

Best Minecraft servers: towering red buildings against a blue sky in The Archon.


Server IP:
Game modes : Minigame, Skyblock, Faction, Dungeon

Archon has a large number of players who regularly update Minecraft game modes - it is one of the most popular Minecraft Factions servers and Minecraft Skyblock servers and also offers loot, dungeons and alien modes.

Best Minecraft servers: An aerial view of the huge Minr map.


Server IP :
Game modes: parkour, minigames

Miner is one of the oldest Minecraft servers, which means there are years of content and buildings to explore. Mixing parkour and adventure, Miner is full of challenges for all skill levels that will keep you engaged.

Six very colourful square spacepeople stand in a line in Minecraft.

There is a show between us.

Server IP:
Game Modes: Between Us, Battle Royale

Minecraft and Among Us are two of the most popular games in the world today, and since Minecraft has so much creative potential - and because it has such a simple formula - it was only a matter of time before social computer games found their way. The way to Minecraft.

Minecraft From Us map that you play with your friends, even if you enter a public server and play with an unsuspecting audience, the Minecraft From Us RGA server is open to everyone and even if it is possible for the game. Looks great with some Minecraft shades.

The game between us is cleverly arranged, the health bar of the boss at the top shows the progress of your mission, and the missions themselves are completed as accurately as possible - they line up the paths and destroy the trash in the chest, for example - and you. He even gives him a compass to help him. You have an unfinished task.

Best Minecraft servers: a man holding a gun in The Mining Dead.

The miners are dead.

Server IP :
Game modes : Survival, RPG, PvP

PvP and PvE come together in this server-side remake of AMC's The Walking Dead. Fight, craft and survive against travelers and other players on a huge map. Most of the action takes place in the same way as the DayZ version of Minecraft, where players do everything they can to survive - this is a Minecraft survival server at a new level. Miner Dead also includes key locations from the TV series such as Prison, Woodbury and Alexandria.

Best Minecraft servers: The military base area in the Grand Theft Minecart server world.

Grand theft my cart

Server IP:
Game modes: Role Playing , Survival, PVP

Grand Theft Auto brings together two great PC games: Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Are you not old enough to enter the regular GAME industry and play Los Santos with Trevor and your friends? If you own houses, you can recreate the GTA experience in an amazing way by letting them shoot guns and beat up the cops, making it one of the best Minecraft servers out there.

Best Minecraft servers: two people clashing swords while a village is on fire in Minewind.

My wind

Server IP address :
Game modes : Survival, PvP, Hardcore, Mini Games

Don't expect a very nice experience from Minewind servers. Instead, you'll find a perfect playground for pirates, player killers, and rogues. Your objective is simple, try to survive as best you can - it's still Minecraft - but you'll face endless Minecraft mobs, double cheaters and assassins.

Best Minecraft servers: An aerial shot of villages connected by a bridge in the Minecraft server Minescape.

The main aspect

Server IP:
Game Mode : RPG, Survival

RuneScape fans can now test their Minecraft skill level up to 99 in this carefully crafted Minecraft Server RPG, and it looks to be one of the best free MMOs out there. Two years of incredible effort have resulted in incredibly accurate reproductions of every environment, population, and skill in RuneScape. Minescape is inspired by OSRS and RS3, so players of both should feel right at home.

Best Minecraft servers: a pirate ship sailing in dark waters in PirateCraft.


Server IP :
Game modes: Role Playing , Survival, PVP

If our list of the best pirate games isn't challenging enough for you, Piratecraft is for you. Sail, build and loot in PirateCraft, a server dedicated to the golden age of scurvy and thievery. Piratecraft is one of the most ambitious servers we've ever played on, and even has fully functional ship and ship combat mechanics. Like all Minecraft ideas of this size, it's a little tricky, but it works. Ships can be built and sailed at sea, and cannons can be mounted on the hull to blow up enemy ships.

On the ground, the simple but practical economy recreates the trading and mining of the era, and players can create their own Minecraft home. The safe zone is protected from criminals, so you can build as much as you want without fear of others destroying your masterpiece.

Piratecraft's salty environment makes it one of the best RPG servers to build on. Of course, when you're playing a pirate RPG, it goes to grief and the owner is in a safe zone where other players can surround him. Attackers destroy "soft" blocks and generally create problems until they either let themselves go or the defenders give up. A ship can also be hijacked if the owner is not on board at the time. So if you're looking for a Minecraft PvP server with a twist, this could be the treasure you've been looking for.

Best Minecraft servers: Two guarding statues mark the former border of Gondor, built entirely from Minecraft blocks, in the Middle Earth server.

Midworld Minecraft

Server IP :
Game mode: Creative

If ever there was a familiar world immortalized by texture blocks, it's Tolkien's Middle Earth. The still unfinished project is based on Peter Jackson's cinematic vision of Middle Earth. If you follow the rules, you can help the development of the world of humans, elves and small creatures. One of the most coveted Minecraft builds ever.

Best Minecraft servers: a view of Winterfell in WesterosCraft.

The Craft of Westeros

Server IP:
Game mode: Creative

If Middle-earth is our classic virtual Minecraft server, WesterosCraft is our modern server. From the Wall to the Red Castle to King's Landing, Westeros Craft is a massive server that recreates many symbols of Game of Thrones in an amazing way. Most of the areas are based on the theme of the TV show, making most servers feel like a trip to the fantasy world of HBO. King's Landing is amazing.

Like Minecraft Middle Earth, it's still a work in progress, with the Lannister castle of Casterly Rock currently in the works. Once you leave your Portland ski resort, you'll need to rent a townhouse and create a new account.

Best Minecraft servers: several players riding horses in Ranch n Craft.

Agriculture and handicrafts

Server IP Address:
Game modes : role playing, game, email, mini-game

Purchased jumps in Minecraft: Ranch n Craft - For many Minecraft servers, the application was made over time by the fact that more advertising films were found on the market on other servers in Facebook salons. As a special feature based on sports, the server is suitable for creating projects and I want to add some to my house.

Cardinals can go find a new family, move them to the city, and replenish their culture. In addition, Ranch n Craft is adding many servers in the future that are specialized in the work and supported by many other companies.

An image of the farm area in one of the best Minecraft servers, OPLegends, from the update trailer.


Server IP Address :
Game modes : Tower, Skyblock, Roll

The game Well OPLEgends is based on the Java version of the server of the popular game Minecraft and also inherited from Bedrock, Dungeon and Skyblock and normal. I installed some servers on OPlegends servers to compare with new maps and new themes. As soon as we lay eyes on it, it's a tower - a small cluster that connects the Neptune map to the servers.

A top down view of a Minecraft server hosted on Minehut, featuring a castle and a water-covered base.

Шахтная хацина

Server IP address :
Game rules : Not available

Minehut is not a small server, but a small server. Now you know you want high-end new servers to give your customers the opportunity to create something new for SMP and a French licensee in the park. The ability to find a secure server connected to your address options is because the IP address was downloaded from your Minehut provider.

Minehut offers free premium. Due to the presence of free servers near the sites, this is a big challenge - a few months ago, many providers are available, for example, the highest minimum consumption of up to 1 GB to reduce medical costs. I have learned more than I know. In order to find your home, you need to see the platforms you want. Today, 250,000 million people work for many months. My hat

ک Minecraft server من سماہہ?

The connection to the Minecraft server has been established, the server has been canceled, and the server has been accessed. Start the game, click multiplayer, then add server. You will have the opportunity to do this after selecting the IP address on the Server Address page and viewing the server shortly.

In short, you entered "Gatova" before distributing the servers to the selected servers. When you create a new connection, after clicking "Server Access" you will see many blocks in the database. I would like to bring new light to your Minecraft users.

I hate minecraft bedrock server.

You've crashed the Minecraft server more than once after you found out about it in the first version of Bedrock. After downloading many Bedrock programs, you will be connected to your customers after choosing Bedrock as your server. Can you start the journey?

স্লা বেড্র্ক ক্ট্যায়া ক্র্যার্য্যার্য্র্ম্র্ক্র্য্যায়্য়্য়ান কান্বু কান্যায়্য়্ট কান্যায্য়্য়্ত - it was great. However, after downloading Minecraft servers, maps, mods, and text packs, I don't know if they will be added to your favorites.

Ванилная гулуния прашни ኣтримиливас регуларня Абнашлин Кантейн - дата випуску Minecraft 1.20, нарешть ше болшивий Абнашленни кантенту – Minecraft 1.20, 1.20 ПК. You can learn more about Minecraft Sniffers and also about the Minecraft app to run an archaeologist search.

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