Vivo X100 Pro+ To Come With A 200MP Periscope 10x Zoom Camera

Vivo X100 Pro+ To Come With A 200MP Periscope 10x Zoom Camera

Vivo is gearing up to launch its new flagship Vivo X100 series later this year. According to many reports, the X100 and X100 Pro models will be powered by the 9300 display chipset. The X100 Pro+ comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. But the most interesting feature comes with the X100 Pro+ 200MP Periscope telephoto lens.

Vivo X100 Pro +: 200MP periscope camera steals the spotlight

China Tips has published new details about this camera. The digital chat website says the 200MP Periscope camera has changed a lot. Compared to the Sony sensors, the IMX890 and IMX866 models offer higher optical performance. The telephoto camera capabilities have also been improved. And using a new algorithm, the lightweight unit can offer 10x optical zoom.

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Another source claims that Vivo and Samsung have teamed up to create their own 200MP sensor called the Samsung HPV. This sensor is based on the Samsung HP3 and has a 3x or 5x optical zoom at 1/1.4 inch. The board claims that with the help of an AI algorithm, the sensor can achieve 10x optical zoom while maintaining excellent image quality.

The X100 and X100 Pro will be released later this year. The X100 Pro+ and the next-gen X Fold 3 are likely to arrive in the first quarter of 2024. The new Vivo X100 series is highly anticipated and fans want to know more about its specifications and features.

The 200MP telephoto lens on the X100 Pro+ is said to have caused quite a stir in the smartphone industry. If the rumors are true, this would be a great accessory for cell phone photography. It offers unparalleled scalability and high image quality. Vivo has always been at the forefront of smartphone innovation and the X100 series is no exception.

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