15 LGBTQ+ Albums Were Looking Forward To This Fall

15 LGBTQ+ Albums Were Looking Forward To This Fall

This year is shaping up to be a year for great musicians and as we head into fall, 2023 shows no signs of slowing down. Our monthly playlists continue to prove that LGBTQ+ artists are at the forefront of almost every genre. Whether you listen to pop, dance, rap, indie rock, R&B, electronic or experimental music, queer and transgender people are always moving forward. Stunning follow-up albums and impressive debuts await this fall, as well as multi-genre experiments from well-known artists.

After the summer ends in September, the release stream begins. Romy Croft of XX fame will release her highly anticipated solo album Mid Air earlier this month, releasing dance tracks Loveher and Strong. Chicago-based singer-songwriter Jamila Wood's "We Made Water" brings a dose of liquid calm to October's lineup. Dolly Parton will hire a cast of artists in November to help her perform one of the most famous rock songs in history. Check out these and other exciting fall releases below.

King - Anjimil (September 8)

Musician Anjimile Chitambo will release his new single The King on his own 4AD label following his 2020 breakthrough album, Taker . In the artist's commentary, Chitambo says: "If The Giver is an album of prayers, The King is an album of curses." With her brooding and melodious vocals, the new album marks a darker shift in tone for Angmil, reflecting the anger, fear and confusion of our present.

Medium Air – Rome (September 8)

Following the release of Romy Croft's solo single in 2020, fans of indie-pop superstars The XX are eagerly awaiting the singer's debut album. After three years , Medium Air is almost ready. Derived from the group's austere minimalism, the record is a sublime Eurodance masterpiece that doesn't indulge in Croft's signature romanticism.

Updated - Demi Lovato (September 15)

After the Holy Fvck tour, which featured rock versions of Lovato classics, the non-binary singer released his full remake of Rock Revamped. "I was able to breathe new life into the songs that played such a huge role in my career, bringing me closer to my music than ever before," Lovato wrote. To ensure they didn't make the leap, Lovato recruited Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash to create "Sorry Not Sorry" on her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me . The fusion of nu metal with Lovato's powerful vocals makes for a truly uplifting song.

A Gentle Collision - Lorraine James (September 22)

Glitch provocateur Lorraine James will release her new album Gentle Confrontation this September via Hyperdub. Known for its abstract and often brutal electronica, his new album ventures into edgier territory, nodding to the emo-tron bands of his youth like DNTL. On "2003," James sang in musical circles reminiscent of 2000s experimentalists like Animal Collective. If it's true that what's old is new again, Lorraine James could be at the forefront of the new two-tronic revolution.

Dreams of Greatness - LSDXOXO (September 22)

The ever crazy LSDXO released a new EP on their Fantasy Audio Group (FAG) label earlier this year titled Delusions Of Grandeur (DOG) Lead, a dark industrial techno track reminiscent of Miss Kitty. and we hope hacker LSDXOXO ushers in the return of super excited electric vibes in 2023.

Stress - Kylie Minogue (September 22)

Favorite diva Kylie Minogue needs no introduction. His latest comedy song "Padam Padam" was played during this summer's Pride celebrations. Her upcoming 16th album, Tension , is out September 22 and is one of my favorites in Minogue's vast oeuvre, the follow-up to her 2020 glam masterpiece, Disco . Minogue may not be gay either, but she continues to solidify herself as a beloved LGBTQ+ icon.

Starfucker - Slayer (September 22)

Openly bisexual pop star Slayyter has released her second album, Starfucker , which she says is meant to "feel like a pop dream about losing love and chasing fame." "Miss Belladonna," the lead single from the upcoming album, is a frenetic club romp that heralds Slytherin's entry into Hollywood glory.

Fanfare - Dorian Electro (October 6)

Queen of queer hyperpop Dorian Electra releases her new album Fanfare this October. According to the press release, the new album "challenges what we expect or want from our public authorities." Their new single "Anon" brings some guitar pounding to Elektra's hyperpop palette and explores the para-social relationships that are extremely online.

It'll Be Right If I Want It - Mickey Ratsula (October 6)

Trans non-binary indie artist Micky Ratsula released his second album online in October. The Southern California musician is as honest as he gets on his debut single "If I Blame Myself," a pop-rock track that combines heartbreaking lyrics with a fast tempo. Ratsula has even better things on the horizon when they join Australian drummer G Flip this fall.

Hand in Honey Pot - Open City (October 6)

Queer punk and hardcore label Get Better Records has been at the forefront of releasing some of the most interesting and edgy albums from LGBTQ+ artists. They are going to get their hands on the honey pot with a bang at Open City on October 6th . Backed by vocalist Rachel Rubino, aka Bridge and Cave, the Philadelphia group work on "Reclaim Your Stolen Property," a powerful song about taking responsibility and sharing the atrocities of past generations.

We Made Water - Jamila Woods (October 13)

The title of Jamila Woods' upcoming third album We Made Water was inspired by Toni Morrison's quote about the Mississippi River: "All waters have a wonderful memory and are always trying to restore themselves." It's fitting, because the Chicago singer-songwriter's new album is all about self-discovery and coming home. On the lead single "Little Paradise," Woods sings with a refreshing sense of simplicity that makes the R&B track flow like a stream.

The other has something to give - Troye Sivan (October 13)

Australian queer pop star Troye Sivan, who reprises his role as Xander in Sam Levinson's controversial HBO miniseries Idol , has released the '90s queer club anthem "Rush" from his upcoming third album Something for All. According to an artist, the track is meant to capture "the feeling of a sweaty stranger kissing on the dance floor, a two-hour version of Weekend, Love, Winter, Summer." If the accompanying music video Sultry is any preview of what we can expect from Sivan's next record, I think the heat of summer is about to turn into fall.

The Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Prince - Ron Chappell (September 22)

It's always nice to see a pop star on the verge of a breakthrough. It's safe to say that many people will be familiar with the name Chapela Royan this September. Earlier this year, Roan wowed us with his single "Red Wine Supernova," a great synth-pop track with his trademark yodel. The rising star will release his highly anticipated debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess via Island Records. "Four years later, my 14-song album is out, telling stories of how I found myself and fearlessly accepted strangers," said the red-headed singer. Midwest Princess will undoubtedly be one of the most impressive albums of the year.

Johnny - Drums (October 13)

Indie-pop darling Johnny Pearce, who has been releasing the modern bubblegum hit The Drum since 2010, will release his sixth studio album, Simply Johnny , in October via Anti-Anti. The album represents Pearce's return to his softer side after the brutal pop experience of 2019. "I Want Everything" features Pierce's signature surf rock guitar riffs and baby vocals from his upcoming album. Hurry up and release this album Johnny because we want it too.

Rockstar – Dolly Parton (November 17)

Dolly Parton is known for doing big things and the legendary singer does not disappoint with her debut, her upcoming 47th Rockstar album. Unexpected partner and beloved country legend releases covers of Queen's 'We're the Champions' and 'We're Gonna Fuck You' from highly anticipated album. To say Freddie Mercury did the right thing would be an understatement. Sung by a weak singer, both of these big tunes would be hard to replicate, but Parton's light touch is a refreshing addition to these classic sporting events. The 30-track album features collaborations with rock and roll artists such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Joan Jett, as well as several LGBTQ+ artists including Judas Priest's Rob Halford, Brandi Carlile and Elton John.

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