Android App Development: Trends And Costs

Android App Development: Trends And Costs

Although Android's market share has fluctuated over time, it still occupies more than 70% of the mobile operating system market. Considering that there are 8 billion people in the world, and at least half of them own a smartphone, as you can see, this is a very large number.

If you want to enter this field, you might be wondering how much does Android app development cost? Before we calculate that, let's focus on the mobile market in general and how Android development works.

Mobile application market - a gold mine

As the world develops, more and more mobile applications for all occasions will appear here. Let's look at some statistics from Grand View Research to understand why this is truly a goldmine. Below you can see the market forecast for the current decade in North America: As you can see, the estimated growth rate is around 14%.

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See application statistics for 2022 below. By 2022, the global app market will surpass the North American market and exceed $200 billion. If it keeps growing, it will soon get bigger. Games still make up the largest share of all shows at around 40%, although they make up a fraction of all shows. This is because games often offer paid features and people are willing to pay for them because they are addicting and sometimes addicting.

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Whether you're developing a game or something more like a yoga app, you'll find your niche here. There are hundreds and even thousands of niches if you are going to clearly differentiate between them. Even games can be divided into different categories (strategy, shooters, simulators, puzzles and more, and each category can be further divided), so before you decide which app to make, do this category.

Popularity of apps for Android

See an excerpt from the table below. As you can see, there are a large number of downloads comparable to the entire population of the world (more than 8 billion) and even more pre-installed Google applications such as YouTube. Therefore, Android offers a very large development field.

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Another chart below shows why games are the most profitable part of the app industry, according to market research. Almost all the popular paid shows you can watch are games. The popular Minecraft and GTA have mobile versions, but many other mobile games are also gaining popularity. Although these paid games have very few installs, each install generates a lot of money—for example, the developers of Minecraft have already earned at least $70 million.

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Now let's go over the basics of Android development and then calculate roughly how much an Android app might cost to build.

Android development

Android application development still uses the Java language , although there are ways to create cross-platform applications using frameworks such as React Native or Flutter. There are specific Java libraries for Android and the mentioned frameworks also provide their own libraries. Another language, Kotlin , is still widely used today - it is similar to Java and developed based on it. However, Java is still the leader and has a large number of different libraries.

Android Studio is the official IDE for developing Android apps. It provides tools for coding, testing, and debugging Java, so you'll be fully prepared. In addition, you will use XML (Extensible Markup Language) and built-in user interface elements to define the program interface. This includes buttons, text boxes and layouts. You will create your own UI components or use pre-installed components to connect as you like.

Backend development includes the data processing capabilities of your application and the functions you implement in it. Define program logic, data handling, user interface element interactions, and all these elements using object-oriented Java parameters. Finally, the data processing engine will bring your program to life.

You'll also need a database , such as SQLite, to store and manage your application data – another component of your backend. This is where you configure how your application will store data and how it will be used by implemented functions. Interaction with other programs using APIs and other mechanisms is also defined here.

Finally, you need to test your application on different devices . With Android Studio, you can connect your device to a computer and test the app on it, or you can use a virtual device to test on other Android versions or screen sizes.

Latest Trends in Android App Development

What should you expect to ensure the success of your application? How to increase its value to people? Let's take a look at several popular Android app development trends in 2023 to get an idea of ​​what you can expect here.

- Internet of Things connects the application with various external objects. For example, smart watches and heart rate monitors are tools to measure your body parameters to help you stay fit.
- AI tools , although they can significantly increase the cost of building an application, are very versatile and greatly increase the power of your application. Content creation, analytics, research and chatbots are just a few of the things AI can bring to your app.
- Focusing on usability is a great way to make your seamless app stand out from the rest. As the world evolves, more users expect new applications. Do user research and build an app based on their desires and behaviors and you will win!
- On-demand apps are those that focus on solving a specific problem, such as taxis, cleaning services, house or car rentals, pet care, and more. Just find common routine tasks and create an app for them!
- Immersive gameplay with VR/AR elements . When developing a game, think about VR and the Metaverse to accommodate the future. However, Gamification can be used for many other purposes and can significantly improve the usability of your app. Consider the famous example of Duolingo!
- Cloud computing : Providing a cloud server is a reliable solution for customers, as it does not take up much space, but allows them to perform complex tasks.

Cost is approx

A typical program will usually cost you no more than $30,000 - $40,000. However, every advanced feature, such as built-in generative AI or some kind of sensor data processor, will add at least $15,000 to the price.

Instead, let's see how we can estimate this number on a case-by-case basis.

- Evaluate application capabilities to create a project roadmap.
- Calculate development time based on these features and plan all activities.
- Check the hourly rates of different developers
- Add additional costs: subscriptions, taxes, cloud storage, trials and more.
- Add marketing and promotional costs from content creation to advertising.
- Add 10-20% margin for any changes and extra costs.

While you can estimate how much your program will cost using rough estimates from others, this algorithm will help you make an estimate for yourself.


So, Android app development is a great way to start your digital business. There are many niches and sub-niches out there, so you're bound to find something for yourself. To price your app, use an algorithm based on the features you need, then apply that to the developer's hourly rate. Be sure to research your market to make sure there is a need for your app and you get it!

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