Illinois Creates New Tuition Grant Program For Tech Majors

Illinois Creates New Tuition Grant Program For Tech Majors
Last week, Governor Illinois J.

According to press releases, the Bill of the 1378 House of Representatives will adopt the law of Illinois's law on technology graduates and labor conservation (Igrow) to create a new college scholarship program for technology students. The new program guided by the Illinois Student Students Commission (ISAC) is open to all students studying at public or private colleges and universities with an associate or bachelor's degree. Information technology and computer science students can receive a scholarship to cover tuition fees. Scholarships require that students sign the agreement to work on appropriate work in Illinois for one year for the year they receive. At least two years.

"Talent skills, creativity and innovation of the technological leaders of this state have put Illinois in the vanguard of world technological success," the press said in a public statement. "Our main value is our world -class labor force, and so we take steps every day to raise the bar and open up new opportunities for each student. I proudly sign this bill that will train and hire subsequent generations of technological leaders and continue to develop technological sector of Illinois.

The bill stems from local initiatives in Illinois to train more technological professionals for a more digital economy. For example, in April, the Illinoski Institute of Technology presented new online programs in the degree in computer science, business administration and science, and the city of Chicago launched a Diverstech apprenticeship program for the preparation of public IT managers and filling vacancies in city authorities. . To help

the future of our state depends on how well we prepare our students for technology opportunities. This is why Illinois law on graduates and maintenance of our labor (Igrow) is a key component that will put the way for highly efficient and sustainable jobs. "While we are exploring tomorrow's labor force, we are sure that Illinois students will have the skills needed to succeed."

The announcement states that the Igrow program was created by the Chicago Chamber and starts with $ 2 million in 2024-2025. GRANTS ISAC.

"Creating incentives in this area will help strengthen our economy, maintain our labor and prepare our next generation of executives for the future jobs," said Chicago Senator Javier Cervantes. Students and their families put a lot in their education. This bill shows that Illinois supports them and also invests them in their future

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