Minecraft: Best Enchantments For Swords, Ranked

Minecraft: Best Enchantments For Swords, Ranked

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  • There are various spells that can increase the power and effectiveness of swords in Minecraft. Notable spells include Arthropod Curse 5, Smite 5, Knockback 2, Mend, Fire Aspect 2, Curved Edge 3, Unbreakable 3, Plunder 3, and Acuity 5 “. Each spell has its own unique benefits and can be obtained through a variety of methods.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but there are no pens in Minecraft . The sword is the best weapon in Minecraft and should be used as such. Since players fight many enemies with the sword in many Minecraft adventures, it is best to invest in the best enchantments that make the sword as good as possible, even if some of these enchantments are the rarest in Minecraft.

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The best sword enchantments in the Minecraft range in different utility levels. Some enchanted swords can benefit the player by dealing varying amounts of damage, while others allow the player to get more loot. Many of the best enchanted swords in Minecraft come from a variety of sources.

Updated July 28th, 2023 by Jake Fileri It's hard to find a more famous and popular game than Minecraft. Use your creativity and genius to create something amazing, get lost in the depths of the underground realms to find the precious diamonds or just kill with the sword to complete the experiment and realize your pixelated bloodlust. Minecraft certainly has endless possibilities. With Minecraft's rather worrying stream of updates, players tend to end up with more XP than they're supposed to start with. That's why now is a good time to learn more about the best swords in Minecraft, how to get them and which spells best help Vader and the Ender Dragon.

The 10 best swords and how to get them

Players want to make sure they are using their XP wisely, and the many resources at their disposal when doing so are well invested in crafting the best sword enchantments in Minecraft . Therefore, it would be a good idea for players to explore the different types of swords that are most effective against the forces of evil.

A wooden sword

To craft a wooden sword, players will need a stick and two wooden planks. This is by far the easiest sword to craft, as players need to chop down a tree and take out a block that can be traded for 4 planks of wood. It is definitely the weakest wooden sword and should not be ranked among the best Minecraft witch swords.

stone sword

With a staff and two stone blocks, players can forge a stone sword. It's a good starting point for players looking to mine deeper, but due to its usual rarity and lack of power, it shouldn't be used to sharpen swords in Minecraft either. Instead, iron should be used to defeat enemy mobs.

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iron sword

Players need two iron blocks and a stick to craft an iron sword in Minecraft . This is probably a good start for enchantment because while diamonds are better, they are much rarer and players should use diamonds first on the selection and enchantment board, not swords. The Iron Sword is awesome and reliable, which means players should cast some spells when they can.

diamond sword

The sword that players carry throughout Minecraft play and that is the most likely to kill the ender dragon is the diamond sword, which consists of 2 diamonds and a stick. Diamonds are a god in Minecraft , a rare resource that inspires admiration. If players want to invest in an enchanted Minecraft sword, the Diamond Sword is a good choice because of its stats. However, the Diamond Sword is by far the best sword in Minecraft .

Netherite sword

The rarest and best sword in Minecraft is the Netherite sword. To craft a Netherite sword in Minecraft , players must travel to the void and find a forge model in the stronghold. Once purchased, players will need a Netherite Ingot, which can be crafted using 4 parts and 4 Gold Ingots. Using the smithing table, players can then upgrade their diamond sword to a better netherite sword, thus getting the best enchanted sword in Minecraft that can fight the ender dragon.

9 Death of Arthropods 5

Arthropod Bane is a weapon spell with few properties to justify its use. The purpose of the enchantment is to deal heavy damage to arthropod mobs that need a variety of biome-specific enemies to survive, such as spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, bees, and spiders. Unfortunately, with this spell, there are very few such monsters, and it's not worth wasting a spell on damage, since players can only have one spell, not all.

Although the damage against this type of mob is particularly high, it's still worth it. The benefit of Bane of Arthropods is that players can apply a slowdown effect to the arthropods hit.

8 cabin 5

Since Smite is another damage-based enchanted weapon, Smite increases damage dealt to undead. The undead mob can be any of the following enemies: skeletons, zombies, zombie villagers, dry skeletons, zombie pigs, walkers, pods, ghosts, drowned, zowlins, as well as non-enemy skeletons and zombie horses.

While that sounds like a lot of monsters, it's not the best damage spell overall. Smite is good in some situations and a Smite sword can also come in handy in a wither fight in Minecraft , but it isolates dead mobs instead of containing them all.

7 Back 2

Depending on how a player looks at it, regression can be a burden or a blessing. The purpose of this spell is to use Knockback to send a mob back a few blocks when struck by a sword. This can be life-saving because if the vine is about to burst, the sword will be out of reach. This is also a good tip for surviving in the Wasteland, as Hoglins are fast and deal damage from afar, so throwing them will make them run away.

However, this can be problematic when fighting skeletons, as the skeletons will continue to shoot from afar, forcing players to run towards them. This is where Knockback's fatal flaw comes in, as mobs can become boring in combat if the player has to constantly perform the knockback effect.

6 recovery

Mending is a great per item enchantment and restores lost durability in exchange for experience points. Since the sword is a good source of experience points, repairing it is worthwhile. Experience decreases when mobs, enemies or passives are killed, meaning that those experience points are returned to the weapon and the rest levels up the player. Something like mending can come in handy when players decide to try Minecraft 's amazing biome mods for new survival adventures.

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The fix is ​​a rare spell that cannot be easily found using the spell table. Players can find repairs from various rare sources, but the most efficient way is to find a Librarian in town to trade them in.

5 2. Aspect of Fire

Fire Aspect allows players to set the target on fire. This deals continuous damage, which is a nice bonus over the damage a physical hit would already deal. Not only will players be able to burn enemies and thus kill them faster, but when on fire some mobs will turn to cooked meat, although this can spoil the game for Minecraft veterans, what a pacifist one racing game.

Fire Aspect 2 is a great way to get peasant mobs like Hoglins to cook pork and kill non-hostile mobs like cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep to instantly cook their own meat. However, Fire Aspect doesn't work in the rain, but still has a lot of charm.

4 scan edge 3

When players are surrounded by hostile mobs, Sweeping Edge can save the day. This spell increases the player's swing damage. To activate its damage jump, players must be down and not dealing critical hit damage.

Sweeping Edge can be a bit tricky to activate, and the downside to this weapon charm is that it's exclusive to the Java Edition, meaning console and PC players using the Bedrock Edition won't be able to use Sweeping Edge.

3 Unbreakable 3

Another spell that can be cast on any usable item is Unbroken. This increases the durability of the item and increases the likelihood that the durability reduction will decrease with use. Unbreakable ensures that the sword used by the player will never break with good maintenance and care.

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Onbreek can save a player's life when attacked by many mobs, especially in the Netherlands. Your sword will not break as easily as the unbreakable swords. When using finished tools, durability is a key factor.

2 theft 3

The benefit of killing monsters isn't just in the experience they gain. A very good reason to kill mobs is to loot them. However, some loot is rarer than others, but with Looting 3 players will experience a significant increase in loot after killing enemies.

This catch can be very rare. For example, a drowning person is more likely to throw a trident, and animals are more likely to throw more than a piece of meat. The Loot Sword is an excellent enchantment due to its ability to grant bonuses and rare loot, especially when paired with useful redstone farming tools.

1 severity 5

While other damage-based spells grant bonuses to certain mobs, Sharpness affects all mobs and increases melee damage. Players will truly experience the power of Sharpness 5, capable of destroying a 2-hit Creeper. They kill other mobs much faster than a sword, with Sharpness dealing 1.25x more damage per level, which is great for stealth survival games like Minecraft .

To get sharpness 5, players must combine sharpening swords as sharpness 5 is not a spell that can only be found near the spell table. The damage dealt is worth it as it quickly takes out enemies.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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