OnePlus Open May Be Delayed Because Of NokiaOPPO Patent Battle

OnePlus Open May Be Delayed Because Of NokiaOPPO Patent Battle

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  • According to popular belief, OnePlus Open could launch in late September or early October.
  • In addition to the last-minute screen replacement issue, the phone appears to be bogged down in an ongoing patent dispute between OPPO and Nokia.

The OnePlus Open was originally scheduled to launch in August, but it was reportedly delayed due to a last-minute screen replacement issue. But replacing BOE panels with Samsung displays may not be the only reason for the expected launch of foldable phones, insiders say.

According to Yogesh Brar, OnePlus Open has been delayed until late September or early October, not only because of the screen issue, but also because of the ongoing patent dispute between OPPO and Nokia. Nokia and OPPO were unable to renew their licensing agreement, so both companies filed for bankruptcy in 2015. They have been feuding since 2021. The incident forced OPPO to suspend sales of its smartphones and one of its OnePlus devices in Germany.

OnePlus Open Launch rumor

Yogesh Bra/X (formerly Twitter)

Last month, Nokia won a decision in favor of India's OPPO in a similar parental rights case. Chinese phone maker Nokia has been ordered to pay licensing fees for phones sold in the country.

With OnePlus on the horizon, OPPO definitely wants to address these issues before launching its new phone.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has been relatively quiet about unlocking after confirming the phone's name with X (formerly Twitter) when it launched Samsung's new flagship series. As usual, we'll have to wait for official confirmation from the company, but since August is almost over and September is iPhone launch month, the OnePlus Open could take place in early October.

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