OPPO's European Journey Takes Another Hit As It Ceases Distribution In France

OPPO's European Journey Takes Another Hit As It Ceases Distribution In France
  • OPPO has withdrawn from France as its main distributor has stopped selling in the country.

  • At that time, the Chinese manufacturer won a patent lawsuit against Nokia.

  • OPPO has said it will continue to provide after-sales service to its existing customers.

OPPO has had a tumultuous journey in Europe over the past 12 months which is why the brand migrated from France. This news came from Frandroid, who reported that OPPO's main distributor in the country, Yang Technology, has stopped selling to the region.

At that time, OPPO won a patent lawsuit against Nokia. This case has now been going on for over two years and even if OPPO wins, the Supreme Court's decision could be overturned. Perhaps OPPO did not want to take the risk and left the market earlier.

“The French judge invalidated the Nokia patents EP486 and EP731 for lack of novelty. OPPO has thus won the first lawsuit after two years of litigation on the Nokia EP486 and EP731 patents.”

So what does this mean for OPPO in France? Well, the brand has confirmed that it will continue to service existing customers, but until a new distributor is found, there will be no new sales in the region.

OPPO takes care of customer service so that all users can continue to use OPPO products, enjoy after-sales service, receive future OS updates, etc.

And OPPO is unlikely to go down that path at this point, so it's entirely possible that the brand goes out of the sphere altogether. It's strange that OPPO is pulling out of France at a time when its mobile portfolio is so strong, but it's possible the brand doesn't want to deal with litigation in the region.

Therefore, customers in Indonesia who want to buy OPPO mobile phones in the future will have to go through the dealer route.

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