'Peerbots' Can Mean A Future Where Human Politicians Are Out Of The Job: Expert

'Peerbots' Can Mean A Future Where Human Politicians Are Out Of The Job: Expert

British Member of the House of Lords Richard John Dennison raised the alarm this week that he and his colleagues could be replaced by “bots” that mimic their personal writing style and vocal effects to deliver speeches “without hesitation, repetition or skew . . . ”

“Is it exciting or worrying that you could one day replace your control with Peerbots with more knowledge, higher productivity, and lower operating costs?” According to the Guardian, Dennison said he spoke in the Senate.

What is artificial intelligence?

This week, Hendrix told Fox News Digital that AI could evolve to allow machines to take over political office as well as jobs at the highest levels of industry, pointing to a Chinese company that already has an AI director.

AI: You can get the Terminator, Darwin's evolution rules for the best people, informs the warning

“For example, a Chinese company has already hired an AI as CEO. It's not whether it's a good idea or not, but people are willing as long as the AI ​​can do well enough,” Hendricks said.

Technology experts have identified four applications of artificial intelligence in global disasters

“The strong stay in the market. As AI becomes more and more skilled, AI will automate more and more tasks.” This is how natural selection favors AI over humans and forces the expulsion of ordinary humans. In the long term, AI can be considered an invasive species.

This week, Hendrix told Fox News Digital that if AI behaved according to Darwinian rules, systems would be "better for politicians and leaders than humans."

He also said that AI itself can "work on multiple tasks at the same time" and "manage an arbitrary number of relationships or employees", and it can also be "multidisciplinary" or at least have a superhuman understanding of many areas of business. 'interest. . . "

"Companies that do not replace their CEOs with AI will be less competitive and lose relevance," he said.

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To date, many studies have shown that CEOs are professionals who are less likely to be replaced by AI than customer service representatives or data entry clerks. However, the use of artificial intelligence as legislators has been warmly welcomed by voters, as IE's Center for Change Management in Europe found in 2021 that 51% of Europeans want to replace members of parliament.

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