The Best Minecraft Seeds

The Best Minecraft Seeds

What are the best seeds in minecraft 1.20? If you are new to using seeds, you can skip to the bottom of the guide to learn more about them. However, seeds are actually codes that Minecraft uses to create worlds for you. If you know the right seeds, you will find it easy to build castles. Run fast, build beautiful landscapes or live out all your fantasies in this fantasy game by looting rare buildings. To help you do just that, we've scoured the internet for the best and most sought-after seeds and put them all together in this easy-to-follow guide.

You can leave your generation of the world up to luck, but if you're unlucky, you can spend hours searching for a Minecraft village, an ancient city, desert temples, or whatever else you want to discover in a Minecraft game . sandbox. Read the full list of 27 awesome Minecraft seeds so you don't waste time looking for bad seeds or use the helpful links to find what you need. Unless otherwise noted, these seeds should work for Minecraft Java version 1.20, the latest version of the game. So, make sure you have version 1.20 installed on your Minecraft launcher before starting the game, otherwise you may get different results.

Here are the best Minecraft seeds we found for Java 1.20 (as of July 2023) :

A vast, icy landscape in one of the best Minecraft seeds for 1.20, with a circular green meadow surrounded by towering white icy mountains.

Nice Minecraft seed in 1.20

Jolie Glace Seeds 1.20: 7050622155736149866
Coordinates: x=93, z=2.655

This seed was originally found by Redditor user Hanazeri in version 1.19, and the beautiful frozen landscape shown above is still present in the 1.20 update. What makes it even better after Tales and Trails is the addition of the Cherry biome near one of the frozen mountains. The image above is at x=93, z=2655, while the combination of snowy mountains and cherry blossoms *cough* can be found with a short walk *cough* on the x-axis at x=-694, z=2846.

There is no better color combination than pink and white, right? So, grab some seedlings and rose petals from the cherry orchard, head back to the awesome construction site above and turn the round meadow into a snowy pink wonderland.

One of the best Minecraft seeds we've ever seen, this stunning location features pink cherry blossom trees set on a ring of mountains, circling a valley with a lake and caves.

cherry seeds

Perfect Cherry Blossom Ring: 1691256543523180978
Coordinates: x=11980, z=1400

If you like the seed above, but want something a little less...fresh, then this perfect pink paradise could be the perfect place to build your next home - and it could be just what you need. One of the most incredible discoveries we've seen in Minecraft. We would like to thank editor Shoowa for this image, which shows a beautiful crown of cherry blossoms on the surface, surrounding a beautiful lake and surrounded by a round river. That alone is enough to make it an incredible discovery - imagine a beautiful cherry blossom village nestled around this lake - but there's more to this place than meets the eye: a nearby village, phenomenal caves and even a glacier under a mountain range.

Best Minecraft Trails and Tales seed: A large cherry biome filled with pink sakura trees.

The seeds of traces and stories

Cherry Orchard and Archaeological Seeds: -4701114812458603382
Coordinates: x = 1.898, z = 1.110

We'll keep looking for the best seed for Minecraft Trails and Tales 1.20 update, but so far this is the best we've seen. Further east of the spawn you will find a large desert biome (x=1400, z=700) containing two desert temples for archeology as well as a nearby desert village where you can tame your animals. Camel This is not all, because in the north of the desert there is a relatively large cherry orchard biome where you can build a beautiful house in Minecraft or simply collect sakura seedlings.

Minecraft seeds: A desert temple in the foreground, with a desert village on the horizon.

Desert Temple Seeds

Desert Temple Double Seed: 6379870233718797262
Coordinates: x = -387, z = 150

This seed is the perfect place for an archaeological dig in Minecraft. There are not one, not two, but three deserted temples, all near the incubator, one about a minute's walk southeast of the nursery, and another about the same distance southwest. If you're afraid of spawning in a treeless desert, there's a whole jungle behind the East Temple. Meanwhile, as you can see in the picture above, behind the West Temple is a village where you can tame a camel or two.

Minecraft seeds: A Minecraft ancient city seed shows two conjoined ancient cities below an exposed minecraft

The seed of the ancient city

Ancient City Seed: -4289043014354930070
Coordinates: x = 2.103, z = -5.856

If you are having trouble finding the ancient city of Minecraft in survival mode, we are not surprised that they are hard to find. You can use our guide to help you on your adventures to find it, or you can use this seed found by user Redditbelike and posted on Reddit and go to coordinates x=2.103, z=-5.856. It's a beautiful walk, but worth it - once you get there, you'll find not one, but two ancient cities huddled together under an open, suspended system of mine shafts. This is very rare loot... assuming you can get rid of your terrible inner Minecraft guardian.

Minecraft seeds: Ancient City near spawn seed - A large ancient city filled with candles and lava.

Ancient city near Kourou

Ancient city near the eggs: -3675652194237789176
Coordinates: x=120, y=-25, z=129

If the city's ancient seed requires a little more walking than you'd like, you'll find it at your feet thanks to Redditor u/Few_Trainer_180. Head slightly east of the spawn point to find the entrance to a large cave system (x=65, z=70). Go east and then west through the tunnel under the lava flow. There is a hole in the floor (x=120, y=-25, z=129) from which the ancient city can be seen. While these underground ruins should keep you busy for a while, this ancient city contains over a dozen other ancient cities relatively close to the spawn point. For example, the second easiest path is below the cave entrance in the snowy mountains to the north (x=90, y=150, z=-280).

Best Minecraft 1.20 seeds: a desert village with camels and badlands on the horizon.

Desert Village Seeds

Deserted Village and Camel Seeds: 2689156606574652174
Coordinates: x = -783, z = 230

Not only does this seed spawn you near a ruined portal and in the beautiful Badlands biome, you'll also find a deserted village near the spawn location. This village is home to a cute Minecraft camel, perfect for traveling through the endless desert and rugged landscape around you.

Minecraft seeds: diamonds seed - a large vein of diamonds surrounded by deepslate.

The seed of light diamonds

Diamond Seeds: 3057310577815726585
Coordinates: x=90, y=-31, z=-250

As Redditor u/PurelyPog discovered, mining diamonds can be a tedious task, but only if you know the exact location of the 21-piece diamond vein. Although it is technically a diamond vein of 18 blocks plus the second of three blocks, no matter how you look at it; big. To find it, first head northeast where you'll find a flat village. Stand on the block at x=90, z=-250 and dig straight until you enter a cave at y=-24. Beware of monsters! After eliminating him, dig a little deeper to find an 18 piece diamond vein (y = -31). The second is a few blocks away. As a bonus, you can find many other types of ores in this area of ​​the cave.

To make it even better, first head to the village and redeem a stick adorned with a lucky charm to get four times as many diamonds as you caught.

Best Minecraft seeds: An infinitely long mineshafts sprawls east and west under a lush cave.

my seeds

Infinite Mines Seed: 107038380838084
Coordinates: y=0, z=8

This is absolutely insane. In version 1.20, create a new world and during spawning go underground or anywhere along the Z axis 8.0 (equip some necessary tools and armor first). There you will find a long axis that creates the entire X-axis of the world. . Next to the nursery, a lush cave even opens, lighting the path with brightly colored berries. Think of all those awesome mine chests full of valuable loot... Thanks to u/Cynix747 for sharing this amazing find on Reddit. Our only advice: try not to get lost.

Minecraft Christmas seeds - 5488656216511509290: sun rays pour over snow-topped mountains and a frozen lake.

Nice seed in minecraft

Beautiful Minecraft Snow Seed: 5488656216511509290
Coordinates: x = -170, z = -204

We're nearing the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but even if you're not looking for a Christmas Minecraft guide, this winter wonderland is beautiful any time of year, surrounded by ice and snow. out of sight. Download version 1.19 or higher in the new world, spawn on a mountain near you and you can descend into a drop cave or build a resort town or an ice castle on the beautiful frozen lake above. Many of the rare buildings near the spawn point, including the Marauder Outpost at -192, 117, also help get high-level loot in the early days.

Minecraft seeds: Woodland Mansion seed - a large woodland mansion surrounded by trees.

Woodland Manor Seeds

Woodland Mansion Seeds: 844424960210770
Coordinates: x=16, z=-3

Why seek a forest residence if you can spawn in it? Found by Redditor u/Demonitized_Money, this Woodland Mansion Minecraft seed does just that. In addition, the residence is right in the middle of a river, next to a large cave and easy access to the sea. Be careful coming down from the roof. The west side of the building offers the safest descent.

Minecraft seeds: Witch hut seed - A witch hut with a large woodland mansion close behind.

Witch's Hut Seed

Witches Hut Seeds: -9215772017318341931
Coordinates: x=452, z=454

This amazing Minecraft witch hut seed from Redditor u/Washheronce spawns not one, not two, or even three, but four nearby witch huts. As a bonus, there is a large forest mansion. All four huts are near the palace (x=500, z=420). As such, it's best to first find this hard-to-miss landmark, which is only a minute's walk south of the original spawn point. Once there, make your way through the marshy area around the large building (north, south, and west of the palace) to find the witches' huts.

Minecraft Seeds Coastal village: a village near ocean ruins and a ruined portal.

Seaside Village Seeds in Minecraft

Seaside Village seed: -7783854906403730143
Contact Information: Spawn

This Minecraft seed spawns you on a rocky plateau near a large village. Impressive mountains can be seen in the distance and across the water is another village perched on the edge of a cliff, the perfect launching pad for offshore adventures. Additionally, there is a ruined portal and an accessible oceanic wreck nearby, both of which contain valuable loot. This is a great Minecraft survival seed to explore the Cave and Abyss update .

Minecraft Seeds: A mooshroom mob on the mushroom fields biome.

mushroom biome seeds

Mushroom seeds: 859337968100847433
Coordinates: x=128, z=66

After spawning on the sandy shore, turn and head out to sea to explore the paradise island of Mooshroom, home of the adoring mushrooms. Be careful as the rare mushroom fields occasionally turn into huge canyons, but this is the perfect place to set up an amazing canyon base, especially since the Mooshroom environment protects you from hordes of enemies.

Minecraft seeds: Island seed - a rare Minecraft island featuring a taiga biome, a village, a beach, and a woodland mansion.

The amazing seed of the island

Best seed on the island: -3420545464665791887
Contact Information: Spawn

An amazing find by Redditor u/stofix_, this Minecraft island offers one of the most challenging and unique places to start your game. Yes, it's just a small island... But it has a rather large taiga village and a forest house. Thanks to the Taiga and Dark Forest biomes, you won't suffer from a lack of wood.

Best Minecraft seeds: a woodland mansion on the banks of a river in Minecraft, opposite a lush cave.

Forest residence and lush cave seed

Forest Villa and Sea Cave Seeds: 2377611421072266823
Coordinates: x=487, z=492

Instead of going out to sea when this seed sprouts, go along the river at x=487, z=492 and you'll come across a wooded palace by the river.

On the other side, on the hill, there is a cave - inside it opens into a large water cave with a dripping cave on the side. There are other water caves nearby, but you'll have to dig to find them.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft lush cave seed with pools of water and a mineshaft.

Lush seed of the cave

Sea Cave and Mine Seeds: -1898624505743265221
Coordinates: x=2890, y=47, z=2200

While this fantastic cave, found by u/SushyDie on Reddit, is within walking distance of the first east at x=2890, y=47 and z=2200, it's not worth going into - be sure to come back version. 1.18 and up.

Passing the top of an abandoned mine connected to the roof and entering a large cavern, a vast area of ​​the cave opens up before you, which is the perfect place for an underground metropolis. Not to mention the valuable loot you can find in the mines.

Minecraft seeds: Jungle seed - A large jungle filled with bamboo with a rock face in the background.

jungle seeds

Jungle Seeds: 5247619261862256596
Contact Information: Spawn

This Minecraft jungle seed will take you to the center of a lush green bamboo paradise. In addition to the bamboo jungle, you will find a large area of ​​dense jungle to the north (across the river) and seemingly endless sparse jungle to the east. If you're looking for a temple in the jungle, you can find it a little further north (x=-150, z=-150). But the main advantage of the seeds is their beauty; The forest lies between small islands and picturesque hills, including a particularly epic rock formation northeast of the spawn point. If that's still not green enough for you, you can jump west to the plains and Savannah. Once you cross the river, you'll find another large jungle biome waiting to be explored (x=-1000, z=0).

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft 1.18 village built into a tall rocky island.

Minecraft village seed cool

Monolithic Village Seed: -6537256334104833826
Coordinates: x = -416, z = 128

You can find this particular village in the western part of the island where you spawn at x=-416, z=128. These intrepid villagers built their homes around a high rocky cliff overlooking the sea, surrounded by rock-cut coves, buildings and farmland. While it looks cool, this crazy vertical island will take time to build.

Minecraft seeds: seed with all biomes - plains, savannah, snowy hills, swamp, and more biomes can all be seen from the same place, at spawn.

Seeds with all biomes

All Biomes Seeds: 4405134068028
Contact Information: Spawn

We don't want to stay in the same biome for too long, do we? Originally Posted by Redditor user u/Jereaux: This legendary Minecraft seed contains every biome within 1000m of the original spawn point (yes, every single one). To summarize: forests, beaches and plains in the area, oceans (of all temperatures) in the northeast and west, snowy mountains and all kinds of taiga in the west, island and mushroom swamp in the northwest, savannahs, deserts, lands of badlands in the north and east and jungle in the southeast and Stone Coast.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft seed with four biomes in close proximity.

Many biome seeds

Multibiome Seeds: 333148945457819
Coordinates: x = 1350, z = 1700

You won't get every biome near a spawn point with this multi-biome seed, but it does offer a lot of biome variation in a relatively small space. As mentioned on Reddit, you'll find small patches of mesa (x=1350, z=1700) surrounded by plains, savannahs, forests, jungles, and rocky peaks to the southeast. Better; This place is occupied by the villages of Savannah and Plains. If you're looking for a diverse scene, this is the place.

Minecraft shattered savanna seed: Windswept savanna seed - A savanna biome with a large village in the foreground.

Fragmented Savannah Seed

Windy Savannah Seed: 6284900741809347198
Coordinates: x = -500, z = 210

Looking for rocky peaks with small floating islands? This Shattered Savannah seed, also known as Windy Savannah, offers just that and more: there are at least four nearby Shattered Savannah locations to choose from. Right after the eggs you will see the first one in the water to the south (x=-500, z=210). The second is in the west (x=-1060, z=-175), next to two villages. The third is north of the swamp (x=-360, z=-900) and the fourth is northeast of the fragmented savanna (x=-500, z=250). The north (with villages) is the most unique of the four.

Minecraft seeds: Badlands seed - a large mesa biome filled with terracotta blocks and red sand.

Mesa Biome Seeds

Badlands Seeds: -2757104535283963016
Contact Information: Spawn

Looking for a large swath of badlands to explore? Badlands, also known as mesa biomes, are particularly rare as breeding grounds. Fortunately, this seed mesa biome drops you right at the edge of layered red rocks. Head northwest to find a seemingly endless mesa biome of canyon-like rock formations, barren plateaus, forests, towering mountains, vast cave systems, small islands, and ancient cities.

OP seeds

Hard seed: 2059666523504992
Contact Information: Spawn

Found by the Labor of Minecraft YouTube channel, this powerful Minecraft seed hands you three nearby villages (and their precious loot) on a silver platter. The first village is in the east (x=70, z=10), the second village is in the southwest (x=-140, z=65), the third village is in the northeast (x=140, z= - 200). . They are found near trees, cave systems, water and various biomes, so you don't need to stay short.

There are also many buried treasures on the beach to the north and a ruined portal to the southeast (x=150, z=210). The Nether Portal will take you directly to the Nether Castle, making it easier for you to collect more loot.

Minecraft seeds: Minecraft title screen seed - the same mangrove swamp that appears in the Minecraft loading screen.

Minecraft title screen seed

Initial value of title screen: -1696067516
Coordinates: x=3820, z=553

Searching for panoramic seeds on the title screen has become a new Minecraft tradition. YouTube channel MinecraftAtHome found the original title screen using seed 2151901553968352745 (coordinates x=61, z=-68, in Minecraft Beta 1.7) and also found the version 1.19 title screen using seed 1696067516. If you're going to try the latter one well-known swamp biome at coordinates x=3820, z=553.

Seeds of speed

Лучшее семя Speedrun: 8398967436125155523
Coordinates: х = -280, z = 260
Version: 1.16.5

While most of the above-listed Minecraft mods will work with version 1.20, we make an exception for this absolutely powerful Minecraft 1.16.5 mod (you can include version 1.16 in the "Settings" folder of the Minecraft launcher), originally released by Minecraft Speedrunner Rayoh. was used. While serious speedrunners may want to learn more about Raio levels, this speedrunner will take you to a village with two gunmen very close to the Void portal (x = -280, z = 260). У оружейников поблизости есть печи, as well as chests with iron ore, iron ingots, a large amount of obsidian and other valuables. This means that you can restore the portal and enter the Lower World immediately after it appears.

Семена херобрина

Семена херобрина: 478868574082066804
Coordinates: x = 5, z = -298
Version: Alpha 1.0.16_02

Один из них для знатоков истории Minecraft: popular Herobrine family through the eyes of Minecraft-fantasy Herobrine. Обнаруженный MinecraftAtHome on YouTube, now you can visit the scary forest (x = 5.16, z = -298.53) yourself, if you use Minecraft Java Alpha 1.0.16_02. Конечно, мифы о Геробинах — это всёт же копипаста деятиелетней ности, дорожно нам не не доставчить найти здесь новый призрака... не так ли? Подожди... Кто там?

Minecraft seeds: the sun shines over the horizon in a Minecraft seed with a badlands biome, a dead bush sits in the foreground

Что такое сайд в майнкрафтре?

If you are new to Minecraft or familiar with user seeds, you may be interested in what we are talking about. As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, Minecraft worlds are generated procedurally — each of them consists of millions of blocks, thousands of rhombuses, and hundreds of random structures. But when a new world is created, a unique number is assigned to it — a seed. Then this number can be entered on the game creation screen to create one and the same world again and again, allowing you and your friends to play in one and the same world.

How to download a specific Minecraft seed

Most of these sides can be found both in the Java edition and in the Bedrock edition, and thanks to the parity of the sides, you will get almost identical results — at least as long as you play on 1.18.

To insert seeds into Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Select Solo in the main menu.
  • Click Create a new world
  • Name your world and choose the game mode and complexity.
  • Select additional global parameters
  • Enter the seed
  • Select other necessary parameters, for example. B. Resource packages
  • Click Create a new world

To enter seeds in Bedrock Edition:

  • Click «Create new».
  • Then select «Create a new world».
  • Go to menu «Additional parameters».
  • Enter the seed
  • Select any other parameters necessary for your peace of mind.
  • Click Create

Enjoy this selection of the best Minecraft sites and go to new Minecraft adventures. Because there is an infinite number of worlds, we are sure that there are other amazing worlds waiting to be discovered, and we will update this list as soon as they become available. Until then, there's something to explore, but get ready with one of our favorite Minecraft skins to open something new at every corner, and maybe download one of the best Minecraft shaders to find out. One of the best computer games of all time. completely new world.

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