Vivo Onboards Interbrand To Create Masterbrand Strategy

Vivo Onboards Interbrand To Create Masterbrand Strategy

The agency was tasked with helping Masterbrand develop a philosophy that would translate across the brand ecosystem.

Interbrand chose to work with Vivo to redefine the brand's strategy and positioning. The agency was tasked with helping Masterbrand develop a philosophy that would translate across the brand ecosystem.

Creating a brand purpose that drives strategy is critical in today's tech landscape, and its success is only proven by brand affinity in many parts of the world.

As part of this commitment, Interbrand has worked with vivo's leadership team to develop impactful strategies that address the core and core of the organization's unique value system. These efforts have led to many other projects, such as strong brand strength each year, a global showcase and its translation into a corporate strategy that recognizes all stakeholders across the country who have played an important role in vivo's success.

Geetaj Channana, Vivo's Head of Corporate Strategy, said, "vivo's rapid growth and evolution as a brand has made it important to write down our 'purpose' and create an autonomous system that can make our decisions for every action that we take." and efficient. For this journey we were looking for a partner who could work closely with us, be leading experts in the field and most importantly have synergistic values. Together we have been able to create business structures that strengthen the foundations of the brand and evolve with the brand.”

Ashish Mishra, CEO of Interbrand India & South Asia added: “Vivo is India's leading mobile phone brand. Their success has traditionally been based on strong value propositions across the portfolio. Due to differentiation trends and lifestyle improvements dominating consumption patterns and brand choices.” The vivo brand was in dire need of recovery. We started by developing a core architecture strategy based on strong segmentation of needs. In addition, design proposals and streamlined languages ​​have been created for each brand series with a purpose and core experience principles that unify them all. urity through technology and culture and as a triangle of connectivity has found the right dimensions to find its way into all major brands and series. Vivo has been a valuable partner and together we continue to lead the brand to its coveted destination.”

Payal Shah, Chief Strategy Officer at Interbrand India added: “We have been working with vivo for over four years and it is exciting to work with a global technology company that has roots in a challenging environment and believes in humble nature. Life.” on sustainability. Innovation and protecting customer information is exciting. Impressive and we believe that a holistic strategy that deconstructs human realities and translates them into visual hemispheres will effectively position the brand and elevate it into new realms. We also activate the business strategy. He will change the rules of the game within the organization.

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