Check Out Android's Funky New Look, Its First In 4 Years

Check Out Android's Funky New Look, Its First In 4 Years

Google's Android mobile operating system has updated its visual identity with a 3D logo and 3D image of the hybrid bug and robot mascot BugDroid. It comes in a form that seems to perfectly complement Google's brand lineup

With the new update, Android changes the lowercase "Android" to an uppercase "A," which adds more weight to the appearance next to the Google logo. The font has been updated, including a curved sans serif version with rounded letters to better reflect the Google logo.

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Jason Fournier, director of Consumer Brand Management at Android, said: "We hope these small but significant updates to Android fonts will better connect Android devices and Google's apps and services."

Despite the removal of the lowercase "a", the Bugdroid mascot remains the official logo, with its new 3D look and larger size. Fournier added that Bugdroid can take on a variety of themes as a visual symbol of the dynamism of the Android brand.

"We've updated the overall look of the robot to move easily between digital and physical environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts," he said.

According to Google, the updated logo and 3D BugDroid will be available on Android devices and more starting this year.

This brand update follows the 2019 logo update and marks the brand's first new name in four years. This 2019, the brand abandoned the tradition of thematic naming and rebranded its releases and sweets. The change was made to make the updated software more understandable to the global community, the brand said.

Android is expanding its presence in APAC with the appointment of Karen Teo as Vice President of Android Partnerships for APAC.

Teo posted on his LinkedIn on July 3rd to announce the news and captioned it: "I'm excited to announce that I'm joining Google as VP of Android Partnerships APAC. I'm honored to lead the development of Android and make it the world's most used mobile operating system. of joining those who came, and excited to contribute with them.

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