Free Minecraft Games Best Games Like Minecraft In 2023

Free Minecraft Games  Best Games Like Minecraft In 2023

What are the best Minecraft games? While these games aren't standalone versions of Minecraft, they do have some amazing features, and those looking for free Minecraft games will definitely find something to love in each of these six games from the Mojang block universe. Player-created Roblox worlds or survival horror. If you're new to Minecraft, these free alternatives offer an overview of the block-building giant.

If you are done with Minecraft or looking for a game like Minecraft but don't want to pay the price, these free Minecraft games will fill the void in your life. All of these games may not offer the creativity and survival mode that Minecraft is known for, but they all have something in common with the popular sandbox game, thus one of the best Minecraft-like games in this list will entertain you. .

Here are the best Minecraft games of 2023.

Free Minecraft games: blocky vistas in Terasology


Perhaps the closest game to Minecraft on our list. It was actually inspired by a Minecraft demo, so you'll probably see a lot of Minecraft in Terrasology's world-building. There are different environments, towns and villages, and lots of weird and wonderful AI creatures like Gooey, a little slime you can farm.

Terrasology is still in open development, so anyone can access the Git Hub and track progress, or if you're a little lazy, you can download and install many missions and systems developed by others. If you want to actively participate in the development of another game like Minecraft, Terrasology could be the next big thing.

Various blocky creatures of all shapes and sizes battle with swords and guns on a floating island in Trove, one of the best free games like Minecraft.


Trove is one of the best building games, very similar to the Minecraft aesthetic, but with an emphasis on RPG elements like leveling and grinding for loot. From RPG archetypes like the Knight and Barbarian to massive builds like the Dino Tamer and Grave Razor, you start the Trove by choosing the class of your choice. As you travel through multiple biomes in this open-world adventure game, each class grants you unique skills and attack abilities.

Like Minecraft, Trove has plenty of building and crafting effects to help you make the world your own. One of Trove's best features are the many player-created worlds, called clubs, in which you and your online friends defeat creatures and craft new gear while gradually building your base of loot and goodness.

Free Minecraft games: a group of Roblox players in various outfits


Because Roblox is such a massive gaming platform that offers endless creation possibilities, you will encounter many Minecraft elements when building and crafting Roblox. If your favorite part of Minecraft is editing Minecraft maps and finding the best Minecraft servers, you'll feel right at home on Roblox, but instead of creating maps, you'll create your own gaming experience by creating mini-games . .

These player experiences can range from building the ultimate theme park to working in a pizza oven. It has also become a focal point for young players. The game development platform has hosted virtual performances from artists including Lil Nas X and Paris Hilton. With nearly 200 million monthly active users, new players can try many innovations in the best Roblox games. If you want to give it a try, we have plenty of Roblox promo codes to help you get started.

Blocky zombies walk toward the player in one of the best free games like Minecraft, Unturned.

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A casual, movie-style zombie game with a bright, realistic Minecraft aesthetic. Players are sent to a huge map where they must invent and build with the resources they collect, while taking care to ambush other players pursuing zombies and hunters.

Being trippy and glamorous is no easy task, but No Return combines the harsh reality of the zombie apocalypse with beautiful voxel art. It's very easy to kill, and it's very difficult to balance hunting for loot, avoiding zombies, and being quiet enough to go undetected while everyone is fed, watered, and rested.

Unturned is still getting a free update with a new Kuwait map that takes the zombie-infested world to a land full of oases, oil refineries, and floating oddities. There are also several bank vaults that you can rob with your team to challenge players to a desert drag race.

A blocky blue dragon created in one of the best free games like Minecraft, Robocraft.


Robocraft is every sci-fi engineer's dream when you build robots that fly, shoot, protect, and ultimately destroy. It doesn't have the open-world adventure of Minecraft, but it is a PVP-focused arena shooter where you control your creativity in battles and compete against other players' creativity in games multiplayer on different planets. Robot Wars is like a team fight in space...what's not to like?

That said, this is still an incredible crafting game, and the building mechanics are very intuitive, allowing for a surprising amount of customization. Once you've created your car, there's a practice mode to help you get comfortable with driving. Finally, the mechanical T-Rex gun you just built may look cool, but if you can't control it, you'll have a miserable time in the field. And there is good news. A blocky sequel is in development, and you can sign up for playtesting on the Robocraft 2 Steam page. Early access will launch soon.

A small, green chameleon stands in a gloomy, blocky swamp, with vines and a cover of trees, in one of the best free games like Minecraft, Creativerse.


Creativerse is a voxel-based sandbox game with a variety of building mechanics, the ability to explore player-created worlds, and the ability to play with friends or solo online. Creativerse is completely free and with Steam Workshop support you can modify it to your liking.

In terms of gameplay, this is one of the closest games to Minecraft on this list. You start with wood, but you can quickly modify your map by gathering resources, clearing blocks, and using recipes to craft new items and equipment. The creatures are very cute and Creatorse's cartoon style brings the creations to life.

It's also worth noting that while Creator is free and there are plenty of things you can do without paying a dime, it's worth noting that some packs offer additional items and features like creative mode and skills . . Customize your game world.

Free Minecraft games: A person tinkering with gadgets in Fortnite creative

Fortnite Creative Mode

You might think that Minecraft and Fortnite don't have much in common aside from a similar target audience and colorful aesthetic, but ditch the Battle Royale mode and go straight to Creative mode and you'll find a constantly changing set of tools expansion. Resources to help you build everything from sculptures and parkour challenges to multiplayer arcades and racing games. If you don't want to get creative, you can jump on what another developer has been working on for hours and invite your friends to participate. Some of the best Fortnite Death Run maps offer the same excitement as Minecraft parkour maps.

Minecraft game pass

Okay, so technically it's not free, but did you know that if you have a Game Pass subscription, you can play Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, and Minecraft Dungeons as part of your subscription? This is definitely the best way to experience the base game and two great spin modes without making a full purchase.

These are the best free Minecraft games with a little Mojang magic. If you want to go beyond Minecraft, check out our list of the best free games on Steam, or our list of the best free PC games in general if you're willing to spend a few pennies. Alternatively, if you're more interested in getting your hands dirty, check out our best crafting games.

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