Hell Freezes Over For VNSSA

Hell Freezes Over For VNSSA

"That's when I fell in love with the program," says VNSSA. “I started with a controller I bought on Craigslist. I practiced and played at random parties for friends (house parties, barbecues, etc.). I wanted to play for more people and I knew if I wanted to play festivals I would. To create your own music. I think that's when things got serious. I spent hours on the computer watching tutorials on YouTube. I can't tell you that I've sat down and tried to fix the Ableton problem.

Today, VNSA claims their sound is dark vibes, vintage noise influences, techno undertones and still remains under the house umbrella.

"I listen to almost all genres of music and sometimes I feel like my voice is all over the place because I'm influenced by all styles," she says. I think it's organized chaos.

The artist believes that now is the right time for electronic music, as many are experimenting with different genres.

"Tech house is so popular now that house music is gaining a lot of new fans and attention," says VNSSA "I'm very happy about it. The more people listen to house music, the better!"

VNSSA's latest release is "Touch Me."

"'Touch Me' was recorded earlier this year in my home studio in Los Angeles," he says. "When I wrote it, I was listening to a lot of Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy, so I was influenced by a lot of old school, especially Brutalism. I wanted to make something catchy that played with openings, rush hours and closings, although some Maintains driving force.

Looking ahead, VNSSA has many projects planned for the rest of the year.

"I'm currently in the middle of the Hell Freeze Over tour, which ends in October," he says. “I play every weekend in the US with some good friends/DJs including Mary Droppins, Kyle Keech, Nala and Kalina Zanders. You can also expect lots of new music (including a big release on Dirtybird next month). Every first Friday of the month, I have a new episode of my radio show, Super Creep Radio , which airs on Diplo Revolution on SiriusXM.

Hell remains for VNSSA: VNSSA's "Touch Me" is now available

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