Minecraft: How To Dye Armor

Minecraft: How To Dye Armor

In Minecraft, players can change the world around them whenever they want. This now includes creating a peaceful garden in Minecraft Bloom and using flowers and other elements to create dyes and change the color of objects in the world.

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Updated August 11, 2023 by Jake Fillery. Players can add many available customization touches to their Minecraft world and characters. From an interesting house to a collection of the best Minecraft doors. However, what players don't realize is that they can run around in a set of painted and stylized armor, making them look more stylish than other players, which is especially annoying. This will be useful for players who are wondering how to paint armor in Minecraft. Considering that armor coloring has been around for a long time, this is a good opportunity to discuss all the colors in Minecraft and what you can paint in Minecraft so that players can have fun using dyes.

All mineral paints.

Minecraft has sixteen different paint colors that players can use to change the color of their weapons. These colors can be created with a craft table using stones, vegetables, flowers and other plants. These colors are:

  • Red: beets (on the farm), roses, tulips, red tulips.
  • Green: Cactus (can be found in desert biomes).
  • Light gray: tea, white tulips, cow pearls.
  • Pink: pink tulips, peonies.
  • A green lime is a sea cucumber that grows in warm underwater ocean biomes using water resources from Minecraft .
  • Yellow: dandelions, sunflowers.
  • Light blue - blue orchids
  • Magenta - onion, lilac.
  • An orange is an orange tulip
  • Blue: lapis lazuli (found as a blue mineral in caves), cornflowers.
  • Brown: Cocoa beans (only found in forest biomes).
  • Black: Ink Pockets (Squid Rotten), Dried Roses (Wet Spilled)
  • White bone meal (derived from skeletons and various tentacles), lily of the valley

Most of these dyes can be found in the form of flowers. The Flower Forest biomes are the best place to find lots of bright flowers.

Dyes can be created by combining other dyes to create a new color. This can be done in one of the Minecraft workbenches.

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  • Purple is a combination of red and blue.
  • Blue is a combination of green and blue.
  • Light gray is a combination of one black and two white colors or one gray and one white.
  • Gray is a combination of white and black.
  • A rose is a combination of red and white.
  • Lime is a combination of green and white.
  • Light blue is a combination of blue and white.
  • Purple: pink color and purple color, blue color, white color and red color, blue color, two red and white colors combined.
  • Orange: combines red and yellow.

Basic version only. Prepare a pot and a bucket

The Bedrock version is different from the Java version, so players must prepare a bucket and pot before painting the shield. To paint armor, players will need the armor they want to paint, as well as the paint color of their choice. But you need a metal bucket with water and a pot. Players will need a lot of metal inserts to craft these two items.

Unwrought iron can be found underground and in caves and then melted in a furnace. Here are the plans for two metal weapon players who have to paint their shields.

Colored armor

Since only leather armor can be dyed, players must first acquire the leather. Cows drop hides, players can tame and grow a large number of hides in Minecraft . Then you can make leather armor at work. Leather armor can also be found on some zombie villagers in Minecraft .

It's common loot in various dungeons and shipwreck chests, so players won't have a hard time finding it. At worst, the leatherworker trades leather armor for emeralds, though that's not a good thing since emeralds are rare.

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With the Java version, once players have more armor to paint, the process becomes much easier. They just need to place the leather armor on the crafting grid of the color of their choice. The result is painted leather armor.

In Bedrock Edition, players have to work a little harder to paint their leather armor.

  • Hold the pot
  • Take some water in a bucket and fill the pot.
  • Add your chosen color to the pan.
  • Choose something to paint and add to the pot.

After that, the player's leather armor should have a unique color that will have a nice appearance.

What else can be painted?

Dyes have many uses in Minecraft beyond just armor. Once players have created or acquired one of the sixteen dyes, they can use them to create a wide variety of items. Here's a list of paintable blocks and a recipe for crafting them to maximize the amount of color added to each player's Minecraft world.

  • Banners (colors can be used to create new banner colors)
  • Beds (any colored bed will create new bed colors)
  • Concrete powder (in the upper and lower left and right of the work area, mix 4 sand, 4 gravel in between and any color in the center of the work)
  • Wax (wax and dye can be used to change the color of the wax)
  • Furnace Water (Furnace water can be changed to any color, but this is only for the Bedrock version)
  • Firework star (powder and any color can form a firework star, and combining a firework star with another color will create a special fading effect)
  • Shulker Boxes (add a Shulker box and any color together)
  • Signs (the color object can be used to change the color of the sign text on signs and hanging signs.
  • Stained Glass and Stained Glass (place the painting in the center of the art board and add 8 panels or 8 panels outside)
  • Terracotta (place figure in center of work area around 8 steps)
  • Wool (put wool and paint next to each other)

Source: DigMinecraft, MinecraftGamepedia.

Minecraft is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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