Motez Teams Up With Elsy Wameyo For New Single ‘Make Way

Motez Teams Up With Elsy Wameyo For New Single ‘Make Way

Anyone who tuned in to Triple J's Good Nights with Latifah T yesterday (August 9) may have heard Iraqi-Australian techno artist Motez debut his new single 'Make Way'. The song, featuring vocals from Nairobi-born, Adelaide/Kaurna-based artist Elsie Wameo, is now officially available. Watch director Dave Cort's surreal sci-fi clip below.

"Make A Way" is Motez's second single of the year and the first single from her upcoming EP Coalesce . Collaborating with Cort, a versatile visual artist, is not a one-off. "[Court] became a mutual friend for Elsie and I," Motez said. "We want the visuals to reflect the essence of the song: a mix of cold and warm, soulful and concrete."

Motez and Cort knew the video had to show a brutalist building in the countryside. After that, Cort let his thoughts fade. "The song's cover art and video is set in a sick city where buildings are crumbling and collapsing," Motez said.

Moteza and Wameo appear in this ruined city. "Dave scanned Elsie's performance of the song using a 3D point cloud and projected our performance onto a cityscape with the camera looking over the ruined city and its buildings," says Motez. "Dave has implemented many artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and virtual reality drawing techniques."

Colossus' upcoming EP will be set in this virtual world, which Motez and Court call a "hypercube." This concept design helped bring Vameo's poetic ideas to life.

"I know I have two perspectives that I want to write about," she said. "The first is out of control and the second is overwhelmed and helpless. But despite all that, one thing I've noticed in my life now is that we're all stuck together, but we don't think we are."

A release date for Coalesce has yet to be confirmed.

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