Music Review: The Chemical Brothers ‘For That Beautiful Feeling Is Dreamy Electronic Music

Music Review: The Chemical Brothers ‘For That Beautiful Feeling Is Dreamy Electronic Music

"For Wonderful Feelings", Chemical Brothers (Republic Records)

Think back, if you can, to the '90s, when rock bands began to lose popularity and electronic music took over . While techno and acid house were taking the dance floors by storm, the Chemical Brothers were already pioneers of the Big Beat genre. This spirit continues on the British duo's tenth studio album, For That Beautiful Feeling.

Back then, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons' "Hey Girl Hey Boy" and "Galvanized" lit up the airwaves. When EDM arrived (in this reporter's ears it became a cultural label that just needed to be promoted as a comfortable place to listen), the Chemical Brothers' innovative music never wavered. For that good feeling, they continue to find less obvious rhythms and harmonies; They don't lose their "it" factor.

The 11-track record creates a dreamlike, otherworldly atmosphere that reflects its title. Recorded in their studio off the coast of England, you can feel a chill on your shoulder as the music touches your soul. On two tracks , "Live Again", a multi-faceted exploration of hypnosis, and the album's title track, the likes of The Chemical Brothers draw inspiration from the angelic voice of artist Halo Mode.

Elsewhere, a track like “Weight” evokes a vintage cinematic police chase, while “Waterfall” is the musical embodiment of that badass leather jacket dance floor. “Jump Like a Stone” is a collaboration with alt-rock favorite Beck and is the band’s second single since 2015’s “Wide Open.”

Together, the songs, distinctive and fun, create a beach tent that allows you to dream confidently under the sun on the beach.


This review has been edited to display songs featuring Halo Maud.


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