Samsung Is Having A Massive Sale On Its New 8K, OLED, And Outdoor TVs This Week

Samsung Is Having A Massive Sale On Its New 8K, OLED, And Outdoor TVs This Week

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If you are buying a new TV, we recommend switching to Samsung. Samsung TVs are now down in price during the brand's seasonal sales week, which includes discounts on appliances, mobile devices and more during the late fall Samsung Discover event.

We are very excited about the TV offering this time. $4,000 (!) off select OLED, QLED, and 8K TVs, including those tested and approved by popular Mechanics editors like The Frame and The Terrace. If you don't want to get it before Black Friday, now is the time to buy a new screen.

We'll get into the details, but the Frame and Terrace are our top outdoor TV picks for frame TV and best viewing performance, and they're both on sale. The Terras saw the biggest price reduction, with a 75-inch solar model receiving a $4,000 discount. Even as the winter months approach, it's a smart purchase because you can save money now and enjoy your screen all spring long. Frame offers discounts on all screen sizes, with discounts of up to $800 on 50-inch and larger models.

The Autumn Savings event will last for a short period. So if a display catches your eye, you should act fast. Selected models are already sold out and the offer ends on September 17th. Shop our selection below.

65 centimeters. Frame series smart TV

The Samsung Frame TV is a QLED display that not only provides a bright, clear and bright display of your favorite movies and TV shows, but also serves as a wall decoration for your home.

The TV has an art mode that lets you display your favorite artwork (or personal photos) when you're not watching TV. You can also choose from a number of custom frames that make the TV look like a picture frame, blending perfectly into your interior design.

75 centimeters Full outdoor sundeck with 4K QLED Smart TV

The Terras TV is expensive, which is why we've noticed a $4,000 price drop. In our outdoor TV tests, we found that the screen had natural-looking saturation, blacks, and vivid colors, even in bright sunlight.

The TV itself is a little tricky to set up, but we think it's one of the best outdoor displays we've tested and the closest thing to a regular TV. This main category image is essential when updating your outdoor living space.

55 inches SN95C Series OLED Smart TV

Thanks to the deep blacks produced by the screen, OLED TVs deliver sharp, high-contrast images. This OLED option from Samsung has 4K AI upscaling, which helps improve the picture quality of the non-4K content you watch.

Designed to be slim and stylish, the TV has an ultra-slim profile (called Infinity One Design) whether you sit on it or stand it on a pole. The retail price is under $2,000, a competitive price for an OLED display.

65 centimeters. S90C Series OLED Smart TV

Another Samsung OLED option is the S90C series. The laser slim design gives the device a 'barely there' look - it's only 4mm thick.

Although this TV is very thin, don't miss any technical details: the OLED screen offers high color contrast, a powerful display and sound that supports Dolby. The biggest price reduction is on the 65-inch model, but larger and smaller screen sizes are also available.

65 centimeters. Q60C Series 4K QLED Smart TV

This QLED option offers 100% color even in rooms that receive a lot of light during the day. The display has a dual LED design that produces warm and cool colors for true viewing. The remote control is also equipped with a solar panel for charging to reduce battery consumption.

65 centimeters. Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QN90C Series

The QN90C series TVs feature a large array of Samsung Quantum Mini LEDs that create customized areas for precise lighting and enhance colors and color contrast.

This is a Neo Quantum HDR+ TV (TV terms for realism and true picture quality) and has an anti-glare screen so you can watch your favorite shows even in bright sunlight.

75 centimeters Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QN85C Series

Another small LED-equipped quantum display, the QN85C is another Neo Quantum HDR TV that really kicks off the series.

It features Dolby Atmos audio and object tracking, designed to match sound with on-screen movement for a true and accurate audio experience.

65 centimeters. Neo QLED 8K Smart TV QN800C Series

If you're impressed with a 4K screen, 8K picture quality takes things to the next level. A step further, this TV has 1.5 times more light fields than the Quantum Matrix technology on Samsung 4K TVs, improving color, color contrast and detail.

The display features Samsung's latest technology, Auto HDR Remastering, which optimizes standard content to create a better viewing experience. Like the other models on this list, it also has an anti-glare display for all-day viewing.

65 centimeters. NeoQLED 8K QN900C Smart TV

The 8K upscaling of these TVs helps to make 4K content look better. It's another slim TV with a barely noticeable profile and all the specs you'd expect from an 8K display.

You can place the TV in comfort mode to reduce eye strain (without sacrificing color balance or picture quality), and the zero-bezel design gives the TV a smooth, sleek, edge-to-edge look.

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