Tecno Unveils Its Rollable Phone Concept At IFA 2023

Tecno Unveils Its Rollable Phone Concept At IFA 2023

IFA is currently underway and tech companies are showcasing their exciting new devices. Among these devices, companies are coming out with potential device concepts and Tecno is one of them. Tecno has just revealed the concept of a foldable phone.

Samsung has already cornered the foldable phone market, but there's another form factor that never materialized. It is a clamshell phone form factor. We've seen a number of concepts in recent years and one of the best is from LG. However, as you might imagine, the company hasn't made much progress in this regard in recent years.

By collaborating with other companies to launch their phones, Chinese OEM Tecno is filling this role. If you are not familiar with this company, it is a smartphone company that has recently gained momentum. Its parent company, Transtion, is the fifth largest global smartphone vendor as of Q2 2023. Android Headlines also managed to review the Tecno Camon 20 Pro and you can read about it here.

Tecno has released a new video showcasing the foldable phone concept. The phone will be called Phantom Ultra and will expand its size by folding outwards, just like other concepts we've seen. Once introduced, it will have a 6.55-inch display. However, when equipped with a single motor, it expands up to 7.11 inches. It's a little smaller than some of the unfolded screens on folded laptops.

Full screen resolution is 2296 x 1595 pixels. Interestingly, when the screen is folded, some of the screen falls off the side of the phone. It can be used as an always-on display. This way it will serve its purpose when not in use.

To unlock your device, you need to press the top button on your phone. This can make it a bit of a pain to use, as 6.55 inches is still a bit large.

This may be the preferred form factor for those who want a slim device. Foldable phones are still trying to be as thin as regular phones. The Tecno Phantom Ultimate is approximately 9.1mm thick, slightly smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 which is 14.6mm thick.

This is only a concept phone at the moment, so it is unknown whether Tecno will release it to the public. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Foldable phones are more difficult to assemble than foldable phones, and the Tecno is certainly smaller in size. So time will tell.

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