Apple Watch Series 9 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 9 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch

Writing a meaningful review of any new Apple Watch has become increasingly difficult, and the Series 9 doesn't make it any easier, either. That doesn't mean watches are no longer good; Every year there are small but useful improvements. The problem is that the watches are basically the same. I can give you links to last year's or previous year's exams.

The problem is that the base model Apple Watch is still the best basic smartwatch. Without giving away what makes the Apple Watch Ultra great, all you can do is add a few health sensors that only look good on paper. However, Apple still feels the need to release a new watch every year. That's why there are three small (and interesting) updates for new watch owners.

Apple Watch Series 9 review

First impression

After testing several smartwatches recently, the thing that surprised me most about the Apple Watch Series 9 (starts at $649) is how easy it is to set up. I don't have to link my account to any nonsense to enable fitness features (like the Google Pixel Watch), and there's no guilt towards my body (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch). . I took it to my phone, updated it, transferred the data from my old watch and I was good to go.

Apple Watch Series 9, pink aluminum

They look almost like last year's watches. The soft pink color of the pink aluminum model is delightful. The new Nike strap is soft, comfortable and fashionable with a heather finish made from recycled plastic. Overall, a good first impression.

Apple Watch Series 9 specifications

Show Always-on LTPO OLED Retina display
puck S9 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor, 4-core Apple Neural Engine, 64GB capacity
battery Up to 18 hours of normal use
Raincoat 50 meters
Dust resistance IP6X
Price (recommended retail price) Starting at $649
ensure Year
Official page Australian apple

The main takeaways from these specs are that the chip is a bit faster, the screen is much brighter, phone search is now better, and you can pinch and pinch to select items (more on that later).


Overall, the Apple Watch Series 9 functions like an Apple Watch. If you're new to the Apple Watch, it's easy to track your workouts, work with different apps, get a lot of information at once (or just a little if you prefer a more minimalist design), activate Siri, and use it as a walkie-talkie. -Sound films. Chat with friends who also have an Apple Watch and check notifications without taking out your phone.

Compared to previous years' Apple Watches, four important innovations stand out:

Brighter and faster

The Series 9 has been updated with the new S9 SiP processor, making it faster than last year's watch and has a brighter screen. Compared to the Ultra, which still has a very bright screen, I think the regular Apple Watch can be a little dim on very bright days, and the new brighter screen really helps with that. I can't complain about the speed of the S8 chip, but it's nice that everything responds a little quicker now. This will make a big difference on Series 6 or earlier.

Apple Watch Series 9 Activity Ring

Find everything better

Most people love their Apple Watch and if you ask them, they will tell you about many important features. Maybe they are fitness enthusiasts or want to detect UV rays at first glance because they are pale and burn easily (could be me), a sound level meter to let them know if the volume of the area is bad for their health, etc. But the feature that everyone loves and by far the most used on my watch is checking your iPhone when you put it somewhere and can't find it. On older Apple Watches, your phone made a small sound to help you find it. With the new Precision Search feature for iPhone, your phone will now beep and your watch will tell you which direction to look and how far away you are. It's like a high-tech game, hot and cold, and I love it.

Double tap gesture

Of all the physical updates, the thing that changed the most for me was the double-click gesture. You can now pinch your two fingers together on the watch hands (without touching the watch) to respond to notifications or browse open apps on your watch. This is ideal when the alarm goes off and you sleep on your stomach, as it means you don't have to move your other arm to snooze the alarm. I also really enjoy being called when I'm shopping or cycling and my hands aren't free. Unlike the action buttons on the new iPhone 15 Pro, it's easy to see how these buttons immediately change the way you interact with your watch and reduce friction.

WatchOS 10

The best thing about the Apple Watch Series 9 is WatchOS 10. This is a major update released for most Apple Watch models (Series 4 and up) that drastically improves things. Of course, what I love most is the new bike training feature, which has improved my training capabilities significantly. But there are also reminders to take medication, log your emotions at key times of the day, measure your time spent in the sun, find walking directions in the Maps app (in some locations), and send requests to your Apple Watch. using your iPhone (turn on the table a bit). This is a very important update and worth taking a look at.

Who is the Apple Watch Series 9 for?

The Apple Watch remains the best smartwatch, although the gap between Apple and its competitors is narrowing every year. The Series 9 is designed for iPhone users looking for a great smartwatch. Hikers, endurance runners, and divers will benefit the most from the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (it's an excellent watch), but everyone else would be better off with the Series 9.

Apple Watch Series 9 Smartwatch [GPS, 45 mm] in aluminum case with Midnight M/L sports band
  • WHY APPLE WATCH SERIES 9? Your indispensable companion for a healthy life is now even stronger. The S9 chip delivers an ultra-bright display and a magical new way to interact with Apple Watch quickly and easily without touching the screen. Advanced health, safety, and activity features provide valuable information and help when you need it. And with redesigned apps in watchOS, you get more information at a glance.
  • CARBON NEUTRAL: Combine the aluminum Apple Watch Series 9 with a Sport Band in Starlight, Midnight, Winter Blue, or Light Pink for a carbon-free combination. Learn more about Apple's commitment to the environment at
  • ADVANCED HEALTH FEATURES: Monitor your blood oxygen levels. Perform an EKG at any time. Get alerts when your heartbeat is irregular. Use sleep stages to find out how much time you spend in REM, basal, or deep sleep. Measuring your body temperature gives you an overview of your general health and helps you track your cycle. And pay attention to your mood to increase your emotional awareness and resilience.

Current Apple Watch owners may want to upgrade to the Series 5 or 6, but if it's newer, I'd wait a little longer before making a major upgrade. Anyone who owns a Series 3 watch or earlier should consider upgrading now, as they are not compatible with WatchOS 10.

Simply put, the Apple Watch Series 9 is an excellent smartwatch, and if you have an iPhone but don't yet have the latest watch, you should buy it.

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The Apple Watch Series 9 is a fantastic smartwatch. If you have an iPhone but don't yet have the latest watch, consider buying this.
The best smartwatch on the market
The double tap gesture is simple and effective.
A precise search is very useful.
The battery still doesn't last more than a day.
The updates aren't that significant compared to last year's watch.

Detailed test of the Apple Watch Series 9: It's all about double tapping!


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