Everything Announced At Minecraft Live 2023

Everything Announced At Minecraft Live 2023

Here you will find all the important announcements from Sunday's Minecraft Live 2023 presentation.

Minecraft Live took place over the weekend and provided some interesting information about what fans can expect in the coming months. Mojang is approaching its 15th anniversary, and there's a lot to look forward to from the main Minecraft game and more. Here's everything you might have missed from Sunday's show.

The next big update for Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends just completed its big update in August, but is already on its way to its next update. Mojang promises new mountable frogs to help you navigate the water and swamps, as well as a new ally in the form of a wizard. Wizards can use their magic to help their allies increase health, or use negative magic to fight pigs.

The Piglins also received new reinforcements from the Clangers. They're as dangerous as they are loud, but don't let them distract you too much or you might miss the newest building. Air helicopters use huge propellers that literally destroy buildings.

Plus don't forget that you can now pet all the animals. Don't forget about the things that really matter.

There is no release date for the second Minecraft Legends update yet, but it should be ready in the coming months.

Minecraft is getting a new Star Wars campaign

Minecraft fans who are also interested in Star Wars should keep an eye out for the next wave of DLC from Mojang. While Star Wars content has appeared in Minecraft, this latest release is an overarching story set in the Clone Wars.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi explores an unknown planet with some of the most iconic names of the prequel era, including Yoda, Mace Windu, Ahsoka Tano and many more.

Expect Star Wars: Path of the Jedi to hit the Minecraft Marketplace on Tuesday, November 7th . No pricing information was provided.

Minecraft x Planet Earth

Minecraft Education supports teachers all over the world. The latest DLC for Minecraft Education (and later Minecraft core) allows players to explore the documentary world of Planet Earth III from BBB Studios. Expect to see some familiar scenes straight from the hit BBC documentary series, as well as some of the series' main characters.

The Planet Earth III expansion for Minecraft Education will be released in 2024.

Minecraft update 1.21

The main event, as you understand, is the latest Minecraft core update. Mojang doesn't have a prominent name this time around, but that doesn't mean Mojang doesn't have great features.

An important point is the test room, which was created specifically for more experienced Minecraft players. Procedurally generated corridors lead players to various areas filled with treasures and challenges. Sometimes going alone is dangerous, so you can enter the Test Room with friends. However, the test generator takes into account additional group members and adapts to enemy mobs.

The process room demo showcased several exciting new components, including a new decorative block and copper block. A copper bulb can light up a dark room, but it can be turned on and off with a red stone. Outside of the test chamber, players can now use new Crafter tools to automate the redstone crafting process, potentially creating an endless crafting loop.

Even more important news concerns the new mafia. Breeze is essentially a tornado creature that jumps and fights against strong gusts of wind. While wind does not cause direct damage, it can ignite certain blocks and cause damage. Additionally, armadillos won the annual mass vote and will inhabit the savannah biome.

That's all that was announced at Sunday's Minecraft Live presentation. Mojang hopes to expand its line of Minecraft games next year, celebrating 15 years of interest in building blocks. We'll be keeping an eye on what the team has planned and reporting highlights here on Shacknews. If we missed anything, check out the Minecraft website.

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